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Conversations on the Cutting Edge with Sandie Sedgbeer
Kerry was interviewed on this Internet radio show on Thursday April 3rd, 2014

The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversation at the Cutting Edge will bring you frank and fearless discussion with an eclectic mix of powerful, knowledgeable and informative teachers, leaders, and authors working at the cutting edge of science, education, conscious parenting, psychology, energy, medicine, and spirituality.

If you like playing in the field of possibilities and getting your information right at the edge from those in the know, Sandie Sedgbeer’s Conversations on the Cutting Edge will shift your perceptions and give you new insights on living in the shift. The show is archived below for your listening.

The Awakening Zone Internet Radio

Kerry discussed Mastering Self-Love with Janelle Collard on the Awakening Zone internet radio show, For The Love Of Eve on November 21st, 2013. Earth is the planet of self-love, and all embodied beings are intended to love wholly from the seeds of self-love – which is, in the long run, about connecting to Source/Creator.
Unfortunately many people never learned to love themselves fully due to early childhood programming and cultural influences. Kerry will explain how to travel deep within yourself to experience a divine encounter with your own beautiful heart. You will experience self-love and peace in a new way, and draw in other people to mirror your transformation.
Kerry will show you practical and easy techniques in applying and mastering self-love. Have a pen and paper ready and join in the exercises designed to quickly assist you in changing the way you view yourself and your life.
The planet needs as much Light as possible and it all starts with YOU and with Self-Love!

The Portal
Archived For Viewing Anytime
Kerry is a guest on internationally known channeller, Lee Harris’s The Portal. A forum introducing members to experts on a wide variety of metaphysical, esoteric, personal development, health and well-being and many other topics! Also, members have access to tons of free downloads from the experts; discounts on and specials on downloads of teachings and material and a monthly free Q & A session with Lee Harris. The $15.00 fee to join is a great deal and worth every penny if you would like to stretch your awareness of Who You Are and/or gain knowledge on a vast array of spiritual topics. Just follow this link for more info about The Portal

Virtual Light Broadcast
Archived for viewing anytime
Kerry was in Las Vegas as a guest speaker on The Virtual Light Broadcast, which is an Internet webcast TV show dedicated to helping people “Re-member who they are.”  It is a re-union of people re-connecting to their own power and each other. The broadcast is produced and  streams  live from Las Vegas on the last Saturday of every month and can be seen at the website. Visit the site for to watch Kerry’s interview or hundreds of other archived interviews with the experts at (

Live Internet Workshops
(View by Internet or listen in by phone)

Workshop! Mystery School Teachings For Enlightenment
Date: To Be Announced.

What you must know to gain enlightenment in this life time. Step-by-step instructions. This workshop will be done by Internet and you can view via your computer or you can listen in by telephone or Skype phone.


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