Resolving Inner Conflict
Resolving Inner Conflict
If you are seeking to reach the next level of your own mastery, than this teaching is a must for you! One of the greatest tools you can learn on your journey of expansion is how to work on your inner reality. In this recording, Kerry will guide you on how she learned to master her inner reality with simple to follow suggestions that can be implemented anytime and anywhere. Easy, practical and oh so helpful for learning to surf your inner reality! Formerly called: Tips for Working on Your Inner Reality. Running time 57 minutes.



 “I have been working on my inner realms forever and step-by-step making progress and various teachers with various ideas mostly opposite to what you teach. After listening to the download I purchased on inner reality, I felt so emotional I cried … one with joy and the other with relief.  You speak my language!

Despite what others said, I always felt that I had to get in there deep and dirty instead of pushing it away; to listen to what was going on in me instead of just trying to be good and light. I told myself to think of the worst case / best case …You say it all! To me you are real and have the greatest insights of any teacher I have come across. I want to give you the biggest hug ever. I wish you were coming to England! Thank you; you truly are a gift, keep on doing what you are doing. Loads of love.” Diane



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