The Soul World

This fascinating look at what transpires in the Soul World will have you wanting more!

Kerry answers submitted questions and brings forth the answers from her higher self, angels, spirit guides and helpers in the unseen realm.

Questions asked include:

–          What is the Soul World?
–          What Happens in the Soul World?
–          What Does the Soul Experience?
–          What Does the Soul World Look Like?
–          Are Animals in the Soul World and if Not, Where Are They and Can We Communicate With Them?
–          Can Souls Recognize and Communicate with Passed Over Loved Ones?
–          Can Souls See What is Happening on the Earth plane?
–          What Percentage of My Soul is on the Earth and What Percentage is in The Soul World?
–          Will I See, Sense or Feel My Way Through The Soul World?
–          How Long Does the Soul Stay in Soul World in Between Lives?
–          Are Beings From Other Dimensions or Planets in the Same Soul World?
–          Is My Soul Perfected or Does it Change and Grow and Learn?
–          How Does the Soul Evolve?
–          How Many Souls Are There?
–          When I Die, Will I Be Able to Find My Friends and Family in The Soul World?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find out what the Other Side is really like!!

Length: 15 pages

Cost: $10.00



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