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From Lee Harris – World Renowned Channeller – www.leeharrisenergy.com

As someone who works energetically for others, Kerry is one of a small number of intuitives that I highly rate. Both for her ability to get quickly to the heart of the matter, but also for her grounded and open-hearted way of doing it. Perhaps the most unique feature of Kerry’s work is her ability to be a vessel through which you can speak with others in your life. She literally channels them and speaks from their energy field to connect the two of you in conversation, deepening your understanding of those relationship dynamics. This is invaluable for confidence in your own intuition and also freedom from the ties that can bind us in relationship. I highly recommended Kerry as a reader! Much love Lee xo

From Janelle Collard of Virtual Light Broadcasting – www.lightworker.com

“I am a big fan of Kerry Palframan!  Her ability to pinpoint the pertinent issues I was having minutes into our session was amazing.  She gets right down to business in a very loving and supportive way.  I found incredible healing from her wisdom and God given gifts.  I would suggest a session to anyone who is ready and looking for transformation in their lives.”

From Lynda Frost – Mentoring With The Experts

“I have attended workshops given by James Van Praagh, John Holland, Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Joseph Tittel and others in a group setting.  I have an interest in mediumship development. While the information I gathered in these workshops is invaluable and all these teachers are very gifted mediums, I was not able to connect with my passed over son Justin. I took a one-on-one mentoring program with Kerry and after just one hour, I was communicating with Justin. The one-on-one experience is like no other as Kerry is able to devote all her time to one person. With her guidance I was able to put into practice what I had learned in this short amount of time and the end result was amazing.Thank you Kerry.”

From Allan Green – Master Past Life & Spiritual Journey Facilitator (since 1982) – www.allangreen.ca

“I have been meaning to send a note, to thank you for our session and the great insight it has given me, to change and retrieve my natural life path!

Just by awareness we can heal and you opened truths and ways of being that I had forgotten. My life has been full of joy and humour and happiness
ever since my reading. It has set me on a course of true purpose, but this time I am bringing all the aspects of me forward for the journey! I can’t thank you enough!

I have renewed vitality and understanding, patience and direction, that has motivated me to feel more sure of myself and path. This is truly a gift beyond
measure, and I value and celebrate your coming into my life, and your important part in my realization of the true me and what I will bring forward.
By Refusing to be anything but my authentic, real, powerful and conscious self, I now step forward in certainty and unwavering strength. Thank you !!!

I really enjoyed every minute with you and your humour and teachings and sharing. You are a remarkable woman! Blessings Allan..xo”

Intuitive Sessions Feedback    (For Book and CD Feedback – See Below)

Moved Through Fears, Doubts, Confusion

“I have had several readings with Kerry over the years to help me understand relationships, life purpose and to overcome limiting beliefs. Kerry always brings clarity, compassion and concrete advice to every reading. I have been able to move through fears, doubt, confusion and heal deep wounds through work with Kerry and have developed a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and everyone in my life. Kerry’s amazing gift has become a compass for my life for which I am eternally grateful. 

Jodi, Beijing, China

Connected With Passed Over Father

“Thanks to you I feel I am now finally able to move forward and heal myself. You took on my dad’s character and body language. Your facial expressions were exactly like his. It blew me away! I was so emotional and overwhelmed when you said my dad wanted to hug me (through you). I don’t really know how to describe what I felt. It was the most emotional experience I have ever had in my life. I know the things you said were coming from my dad. Also the way you grabbed my arm, that is something he would have done. The whole experience is like a beautiful dream to me now. One I will treasure forever. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you. You are such an inspiration! All the best to you!”

Dianne Povey, British Columbia, Canada

Put The Puzzle Pieces Of My Life Together

“Thanks Kerry Palframan, your material gave me so many new insights and helped me to put together a few puzzle pieces of my life. Your work is true gift to humanity. Bless you!”

Jelena Orrell, Malmo, Sweden

Taking On Someones Personality
You are a real Master at what you do Kerry. I am always amazed at how you can take on someones (whom you’ve never met) personality and relay that much information about them. Wow! Its incredibly helpful in teaching me how to relate to them better! You are gift to humanity!!

Mary, Kingston

Pain Relief

“I am so excited right now. I asked Kerry to do a reading for my mum who has had severe head pain for 35 years. I have literally just told mum about the reading, she read it, identified exactly with it, and as she read it she felt the pain lift from her head…!!!! Omg I’m so happy! She is determined to heal herself now…so thanks a million, you’re amazing!”

W. Webber, Lincoln, UK

Saved My Marriage

“Having a reading with Kerry saved my marriage. After feeling my husband growing increasingly distant, I did a session with Kerry, expecting the worst. But instead of telling me that my marriage was over, Kerry explained the push and pull of energy dynamics, and suggested that I focus on myself, and give my husband some space. We acted this out in the session, and I then I was ready to put my new tools to use. That very day, my husband walked in the door and he has been all over me ever since! I just keep going back to what Kerry taught me about “not demanding love and attention from him” and he just keeps coming at me with more love and attention than what I ever could have imagined.”

Elaine Wilson, New York, USA

Dramatic Eye-Opener

“I would like to thank your for your reading. It is  a dramatic eye-opener for me. It not only tells me what I am facing right now in my life but it also shows me which way to take and what tools to use in order to have a smoother life.With gratitude and blessings!”

                                                                                                 Mirjana Kalisnik, Slovenia

Passed Over Brother

“Thanks for allowing me to talk with my brother through you the other day. He visited me in my dreams the following night. We hugged really tight for a long time. It was amazing to see him and hug him again. I will be forever grateful to you for agreeing to be the conduit.”

Rina Soucy, Ottawa

Brought Joy and Inspiration

“Kerry, you have brought me such joy and inspiration from the reading I had with you. I was in such a place of darkness and sorrow and all that shifted as you helped me realized the roots of my depression and inertia. I am forever grateful and hope to meet you in person someday. Thank you!”

Andrea, Melbourne, Australia

Inner Conflict Resolution

“I appreciate the honesty and tenacity of the wisdom your brought me. I have been working on my inner conflict – sometime to my utter frustration and discouragement. Instead of glossing over this issue and looking at something else, my guides (revealed by you) stayed true to the course. The work is becoming easier and I’m feeling more and more whole!!”

D. L., California, USA

Feeling Loved

“Thanks Kerry, that was very pleasant and it feels very real. It is always nice to have confirmation that one is loved by someone without asking for anything in return, except love and friendship.”

Love & Light Di O Santos, Oeiras, Portugal

A Whole New Life Ahead Of Me

“After our session I played with my energy fields and was amazed and enjoyed the fabulous feeling which I was able to do all on my own…without your guiding words. I am in awe of my energy fields and the fact that I can now recognize and feel them!! I can now be more open and accepting of myself, I have a whole new life ahead of me! Thank you so much!”
Lori, BC, Canada 

Validation and Relief

“Many, many thanks for your intuitive reading session. It gave me relief, validation, and incredible new information; I feel like a new person. Rather, I feel like me minus some of the burdens I’ve been carrying around lately. You have an amazing gift.”

Ann Tudor, Toronto, OntarioCanada

Conceived My Child

“I contacted Kerry because I wanted help with my fertility and conceiving a child. I just wanted to thank you once again as your reading really reassured me.
I took the guides’ advice and let everything go, and put my question and worries into their hands. I am happy to report that I found out I am pregnant today.
I am due in July, which is bang on from what your reading predicted. Your reading meant the world to me!”

Melanie Lalonde, Ottawa, Ontario

Heart Chakra Blockage Removed

“Hi Kerry, I’ve taken your advice on how to shift the blockage in my heart chakra. I spoke to the dagger that you found in my back, as well as the cells and energy in my back and received a Reiki session from a friend. The dagger is now fully out and there is a big ‘bandaid’ on there to allow it to fully heal before being completely exposed. Your suggestion to speak to my body really helped me, and I was amazed at the responses I was getting. There is still some residual pain but some days there is no pain at all! I feel such gratitude for your help and it came at the perfect time. Thank you so much very for everything that you do. You are a true light in this world!”

                                                                                                  Emily, British Columbia

First Healing Modality To Have Effect On Me!

“I’m writing to give you a feedback on our session. I’m doing so only now as I wanted to see how things evolved for me because our session really turned me upside down! The information part was very useful, but it is the healing part that really blew me away!

When I woke up the following morning, I felt a shift inside me. It’s hard to explain but I was suddenly seeing my life with extreme clarity, and in a very positive way. For the first time, I started to really believe that I could heal! For the following 2-3 days, I was in a haze, my mind kind of turned off … I was just feeling, crying, listening…I was almost constantly feeling this sensation in my heart chakra, like a small pain.

So all this to say that you are my new guru and if you are willing I would like more sessions with you. You are the first healing modality that seems to have an effect on me (and trust me, I have tried just about everything else, including many healers). I have re-listened to the recorded session several times (thanks for your patience). It’s very good to have it recorded since it took me 3 or 4 listens to extract all the info!”

JF, Quebec, Canada

Shift Reality and Shed Anxiety

Kerry’s gifts and wisdom has allowed me to shift my reality, stand strong in my truth, and become more centered in my present being. Recently, I came to Kerry for help because I had been suffering from anxiety for years and despite many efforts to heal myself (through homeopathy, psychology sessions, etc) was unsuccessful. Kerry was able to tell me the root of this issue; that being a past life trauma I had suffered, and gave me some guidance on how to alleviate my problem. Within TWO days of doing what she recommended, I was relieved of my anxiety and have begun to heal. Because of Kerry’s help and my will to heal, I was able to connect with Spirit and bring home that part of myself that was hurting. Since then I have not experienced another anxiety attack. I honour you Kerry for your work, thank you so much!
S.R. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

A Mirror of Yourself

“I have never seen anything like it. Kerry becomes the person that you ask about, in both attitude and posture. It is like having a conversation with that person. Kerry’s ‘medicine’ helped me to recognize the core issues in my life that I am currently struggling with. It was with her that I was able to trace the dots of my everyday symbols and teachings to the grander picture of my soul energy.”

Dorothy, Nova Scotia, Canada

Group Intuitive Readings Event Feedback

“Thank you Kerry on behalf of the Spiritual Frontiers Canada. I was so impressed with your ability to channel and the quick ability you have to get in touch with the correct person who has passed. The time went so quickly. What impressed me even more was your compassion for each of us. How much you want to serve others. The wonderful energy that is you! Thank you on behalf of the world, since you make it such a better place to be. We all are to be God’s hands and feet, but I also think we need to include being His voice or words. I know how much comfort people have provided me so I would like to do the same. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all did this?”

Spiritual Frontiers Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Thank you Kerry for the wonderful reading. It was marvellous… I have lots of work to do!
To all the other folks: I really recommend having an Intuitive Reading with Kerry… she gets to the heart of the matter!
Marion, Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada

Projecting Outcomes

“Kerry, you are awesome. I don’t know if any of your online clients have told you this, but the way you write these up is fantastic — it’s so clear, concise, and expressive. And I love how you project the situation 6 months down the road — what a great idea.”

                                                                                            L.Z.J, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Confirmation and Trust

“WOW, Kerry – don’t know how you do it but you echo thoughts and events that are actually happening now or are in the works. Thank you for confirming my intuition – it allows me to trust my feelings more completely.”

M.R., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Grief, Loneliness and Confusion

“I had two interviews with you 2 1/2 years ago, in August 2005. I was suffering greatly in grief, loneliness and confusion. Your comments were very helpful, yet I put the tapes away and didn’t listen to them again until last evening. Wow. I had forgotten what you taught me, at least consciously. Yet, as you suggested, one year after seeing you some great new thing came into my life….something that I’ve sought all my life. I wanted to send you a belated thank you, Kerry.”

Katherine Woodwark Kimbell, Ontario, Canada

Confirmation and Clarity

“This online reading was perfect, thank you very much! It partly confirms what I have been assuming but it was much more than that. Your reading spelled it out and gave me important and precise explanations. Now I know what to work at. Your reading gave me a very clear big picture. It is a big help. Thank you very much for now, I will be happy to come back to you and ask more questions.”

Lisa Shalfoun, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Info from Spirit

“Thanks very much for the readings. I can see that you truly have a gift for receiving information from Spirit. The reading was accurate and actually related what has just recently happened. It was easy to understand and I believe that your skill will be of great benefit to those who come searching for answers.”

Wendy Kay, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Sense of Ease

Thank you, for your reading, and your timing! The tears are still in my eyes, as I write this testimonial, your words hold so much truth that I’m overwhelmed! This reading, (although I ask for a “general” reading), was far from it, and has given me a sense of ease that I haven’t felt in along time. Thank you, again! I am looking forward to trying a new medicine, energy, that I can use to help re-create myself with.

Cassie MacQueen, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada


“Thank you Kerry, this has been helpful and insightful. I know now where to start with my healing, I had a feeling it was a past life issue and now I can face it head on. Take care!”

S.R., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“First of all, thank you for the reading. When I first read it, it was not what I had expected. I have spent some time this weekend going back over it & it makes me smile & shake my head in regards to how “right on” it is. I think I was expecting more of an answer about what I will be doing in the future, but I can see now I’m not to know that yet. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Thanks for the reading & the insight you’ve given!”

Deb Watt, Ontario, Canada, Canada

Truth and Wisdom

“I do feel the truth and wisdom of your words about my situation. Although it doesn’t make it any easier for me to take. I am still absorbing the part about the energy being a mirror of my own heart energy and relationship with self. That would be a big ouch!! Kerry, your reading was right on. Thanks again and many, many blessings to you!”

Love & Light Kathy, New York, USA

Help Discern Feelings

“Thanks so much for the last reading. Helpful is perhaps too ineffective a word to describe its effect! When one’s bafflingly in love (as I am) with someone these readings provide excellent guidance. I was also pleasantly surprised that your reading picked up the extent of my feelings. I know the work that you do has untold significance for everyone involved. For me, it has helped to forge faith into form and explore ideas of consciousness that I realize belatedly are necessary for a full survival during my tenure here on earth. Thank you for being so generous of heart and letting us peek behind the veil with the master teachers silent assurance that there’s really no veil there at all.”

Very sincerely and affectionately, A.H., Perth,Ontario, Canada


“It just amazes me how right you are….very, very comforting for me. I shall be back – I feel so much better and more empowered. Your readings are definitely of interest and value.”

Thanks again, Julie Ridler, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Root Cause of Headaches Discovered & Healed

“Thank you very much for this reading. I was very surprised to hear that the root cause of my headaches was suppressed anger. I have been doing lots of reflecting and as suggested, I’ve been taking note as to when I am not speaking up for myself. I also did the clearing of the throat chakra you suggested and what a difference if made!!! I have been headache free for 3 weeks now! You have an amazing talent. Best Regards.”

Release and Well Being

“I found out about Kerry in the Tone magazine. When I first met her I felt an immediate connection. She clearly explained what she does and asked me what I would like to work on. She listened, not only to my words but to my soul and spirit. I was confused, tired and drained. Her techniques were powerful and yet gently got me to release suppressed feelings and emotions. I am so grateful that I met Kerry because presently, I’m experiencing the physical and spiritual benefits of well being.”

Z.M., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Weight Loss

“Thank you for opening the door to more contentment in my life than I have ever had. The first time we met I knew we would meet again. I just did not know it would be for something that plagued me since I was a young girl. Every time I asked the Universe to help me release my overeating (which I have dealt with since childhood), your name came up. After a few times of this I finally contacted you for a meeting already being told you were going to help, and boy did you ever. Since I walked out of your place my life has been transformed. I no longer binge and that has been 4 months since we talked.”

Patty, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“When I consulted Kerry about a couple of areas of my life, I was astounded at how her comments resonated with what I had been feeling in my soul, and yet had not expressed those thoughts to myself. Kerry’s advice was practical, helpful, and gave me more hope for the future.”

Marjory MacMartin, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Courage, Speaking Your Truth

So much has happened since my reading. I found the courage I needed to speak my truth and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for your guidance. You have truly changed my life!

Jane Tweedy, Seeley’s Bay, Ontario, Canada

Healing Effect/Physical Symptoms Subside

“Kerry has a remarkable gift. If you are doing some serious soul-searching and want to find out who-you-really-are at your core, then Kerry is certainly the one to help you. I have been having readings with Kerry now for over 3 years…and each time I have found the information to be astounding. It gives me something to really think about for days and weeks afterwards. The healing effects continue, too…fresh understandings seep into your consciousness following the sessions, as your being opens up to the new vibrations that the readings evoke. Physical symptoms sometimes subside too, during the course of the following weeks and months.”

K.A, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Chakra Info

“The chakra reading with Kerry gave me a very insightful experience of the self. Each of my chakras contained a road map of information and Kerry was able to give me a compass.  I now know what to do to obtain a more balanced way of being. I am grateful for the journey.”

N. Cloutier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Open Doors to Healing

“I woke up one morning and felt that it was time for me to get answers to some questions I had for a long time. It was not a coincidence that I ended up having a reading with Kerry that very same day. Her reading gave me answers that have helped, and will help, open the doors to finally healing many areas of my life. In addition, Kerry was very comfortable to be with and I felt that she was open minded about different perspectives.”

S.P. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pets, People and Places

“I’m very impressed. I had never had a reading to tell me how different things affect my energy. We covered how the place I live affects my energy and also how different people are affecting my energy. Kerry even connected with my cats and told me about some physical problems they are having and what might help. Now I’m going for another reading to discuss home relocation and health issues.”

Sam S. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Group Readings

“I had no previous experience with channeled intuitive readings until I attended your group session at Serendipity. I want to thank you so much for providing me with an experience I will not forget. It was fascinating to watch you respond to my energy and physically reflect an emotional aspect of myself that I now know has been hidden for many years. I find since your reading I have been much more aware of how my energy affects my inner self and how it is manifested in the external world. To watch the other participants react to their readings was also very informative and made me realize even more how much we are all connected. With your help I look forward to continuing on my path of transformation.”

K.S of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Connecting Family’s

“My son, Lyle, thought that your reading was the coolest birthday gift he’d had for a long, long time. Actually, because he was so blown away with your reading, he couldn’t wait to tell his sister and I all about it, so there were three of us who got great (if indirect) pleasure from another of your sensitive readings. Thank you so much Kerry, I don’t know how you do it, but we are all very pleased to know that you do offer such inspired readings.”

N.A., Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Confidence and Calmness

“I want to thank you for helping me to discover a new sense of confidence and calm in my attitude towards life.”

N.S., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I Knew It Was True

“I did a reading with you about 6 months ago. At the time I was not ready to hear all that you had to say, even though I knew it was true. I am standing in my power more and I am working part time in a creative environment which I like. I wanted to thank you again for the honest reading and bless you in your future endeavors!”
Sincerely, Rena

Book Testimonials

  The Biggest Catalyst In My Awakening

This book has been one of the biggest catalysts in my “awakening”.  It has shown me the value of understanding what my symbolism is and how signs are shown to me every day – in my waking time as well as in my dream time.  It has been a very useful tool and continues to assist me in learning new ways to deal with my awareness.  Knowledge is empowerment.  Life can be complicated and pointed enough in this day and age but the knowledge contained within these pages has taken the edge off and allowed me to view things through different eyes.  Viewing things through different eyes is much less stressful and makes life much more enjoyable! 

        Sue LeShien, Ottawa, Ontario

Great Book – Must Read

“Amazing book that really gets you thinking and looking for the “signs”. Really love the way the author breaks down the symbols in a new way, rather than sticking to the “normal” interpretations. You can really gain some great insight and enlightenment if you take the time to put into practice what the author suggests. Kerry Palframan really knows her stuff. Great book, easy to read, easy to follow – the rest is up to you!”

Jackie Cave, Kingston, Ontario

This Book Should Be Mandatory For Anyone On Their Self-Discovery Journey

“Our guides are trying to communicate with us every day – during our waking hours and during our dream time.  Until you really know yourself many of these signs of communication go unnoticed.  This book is essential to have a better understanding of yourself and in making sense of the way our guides communicate with us.  This tool has helped enlighten me and has given me a deeper appreciation of the symbols that present themselves.  I especially enjoy the waking hour communication I have developed with my guides – all thanks to Kerry.  Our journey is filled with special surprises along the way.  Now I am much more in tune and aware…helping me make sense of it all.  Every day is a gift and I always look forward to what may be revealed to me.  In order to make the most of this journey this book should be mandatory.  Information provided, worksheets and a symbols dictionary are essential when trying to make sense of it all.  When you find a tool like this you want to share it with the world!”

France Blair, Cornwall, Ontario

Breadth & Scope is Encyclopedic

“I’m reading SPIRIT TALK. The scope of your work is encyclopedic and the breadth of your knowledge reminds me of Manly P. Hall the 20th Century spiritual savant whose work is the Secret Teaching of All Ages.  You know the relationship between the physical body to the spiritual body to the light body as does he! ”
David Collis, Tuscon, AZ 

Marvelous Quest To Remember My Divinity

“I enrolled recently in one of Kerry Palframan’s workshops called “Intuitive Development” and discovered her magnificent book. The first thing I realized was how well documented it was. Many books try to teach “Self Mastery” by  most of them are poorly structured and documented. On my marvelous quest to  remember my divinity, the creator is constantly communicating with me through spirits, angels, animals, nature and actually everything that was and is ever created.” 

Kerry’s book explains in details all the ways and symbols that are used to assert this communication. Plus all her own interpretations which lead me  to find my own. On my spiritual path I always wanted to be able to hear God and be able to communicate with him or her. Kerry’s book is the best tool I have ever had to help me realize that. I feel very blessed to have been drawn to her book. Thank You.”

Donald Paul, Montreal, Quebec

User Friendly and Invaluable Tool

“In her book Kerry shares her very personal journey from illness to spiritual awakening and awareness. The result is a very user-friendly resource, including a clear and detailed explanation of the teachings of the Egyptian Ancient Mystery School, with pertinent information about our chakra systems, karma and past life experiences and the effect these have on our dreams. A concise dream symbol dictionary and a simple-to-follow methodology of how to interpret dreams, encourage readers to extend their awareness beyond nighttime dreams, to recognizing and interpreting the deeper meaning of daytime signs and symbols that are ever-present in our lives. Kerry’s book is an invaluable tool for all those seeking to grow in their spiritual development.”

Mary-Lynne Sauve, Cornwall, Ontario

Treasure hunting at its best!

“I like to compare Kerry’s book to a map and clues provided for a scavenger hunt. While you observe the events, people, animals in your daily life, Spirit Talk will provide you with the map/interpretation you need to chart your way to the treasure – your message from your higher self. You can become very adept at recognizing symbols, since they tend to reappear until you get the message!! Happy hunting! “

Jill MacDonald, Ottawa, Ontario

Personal Empowerment and Essential Tool 

Kerry’s book, like her workshops and her private readings, are all about empowerment… empowering the seeker to open to what they already know but have yet to “see”. In other words, the book is more than a book to interpret dream symbols, it is an essential tool for anyone on a spiritual path, to help them to grow familiar and comfortable with the idea that there are no “answers” or “definitions” which exist outside of them. The dreamer, or the seeker, is the one who provides the context and relevance to any one dream. Kerry’s approach to her writing and teaching always underscores the unique relationship of daytime and dream time (or light and shadow) aspects of self. She shows that it is the dynamic cycle of these spiritual currents which actually provide the inspiration and meaning for any one individual path. She provides assistance, guidance and tools, but the journey is always one of the individual’s self-discovery.”

Tanja Kisslinger, Kelowna, B.C.

Healing Of Self On Many Levels

“Kerry Palframan’s book, Spirit Talk, has impacted my conscious awareness of my mind, body, emotions and soul and their role in my journey to health.  I am now more alert to messages from my unconscious, and from my spirit guides, of my deepest needs, whether through significant daily events, apparent coincidences or nighttime dreams. A comprehensive glossary is very helpful when I am uncertain as to the various possible interpretations of symbols appearing in life or in dreams and their relation to my present situation. Several different approaches are offered in this analysis, so that I feel free to choose what best suits my needs.  In addition, descriptions of the seven chakras, the auric field and the deep bond between them and my physical and spiritual wholeness are of great interest in learning to empower myself to heal at many levels. Analysis of my waking and dream symbols has made clearer the issues that need to be dealt with at a conscious level. Ms. Pahlframahn’s book gives much food for thought.

Kathy Shotten, Ottawa, Ontario


Feedback from CD Listeners

Mini-Vacation / Comfort

“I never get tired of letting Kerry Palframan’s Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides CD take me on a spiritual journey. Listening to Kerry’s soft voice and the soothing background music for an hour once or twice a week is like taking a mini-vacation. When I’m emotionally tired or stressed, the guided journey takes me to a place of comfort and relaxation. The amazing thing is that the experience is different each time, so I always learn something new about my spirit guides or about myself. When I’m physically tired, the CD often lulls me to sleep! Either way, when the journey is over I feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides has become an important part of my routine, and I wouldn’t be without it. I just hope Kerry records more CDs in the future – I’d like a have a whole collection.”

Linda Jenkins, Ottawa, Ontario

Relaxes And Opens Me

“Thank you for doing this CD.  It has been very helpful to me.  The images and symbols that have been coming to me amaze me.  I have been listening to your CD at night before going to bed.  I find it relaxes me and my mind is at a state of openness at this time of the day.  I have had some wonderful experiences and dreams that are really helping me through this tough time.  I have a long way to go, but I feel closer to my guides now thanks to you.”

Laurie Malone, Ottawa, Ontario

Received Advice / Feel Confident And Loved

“I just want to let you know what an amazing experience I had listening to your guided meditation CD Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides.  I was extremely relaxed and found it so easy to trust your guidance.  My guide showed himself (it definitely was a male presence) as a beautiful glowing white figure.  His advice was to trust the path I am on and to know he is here to help me at all times.  I could not get a name at the time so I did not pressure myself to try harder.  However, I asked how I would know when he was present and I immediately got a very warm feeling in my upper chest.  The next day as I was driving into Ottawa I asked the guide if he was there and got that same feeling in an instant.  The most amazing thing is though, I suddenly knew that this is Michael the Archangel.  I can’t tell you how confident and loved this makes me feel. Thank you so much for creating this amazing vehicle.”

Rose-Lynne MacDougal, Kemptville, Ontario

Angels Affirm My Path / Feel Strong Spiritual Presence And Message

“The first time I listened to Kerry’s C.D., I became aware of an angelic figure standing in the distance, observing my thoughts, affirming what I had recently come to believe is my new spiritual path in this life.  On the next two occasions of listening, I felt a strong spiritual presence which provided me with messages. I am enthralled by the feelings of peace, love and guidance the C.D. promotes in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Thank you, Kerry!”

M. MacMartin, Kingston, Ontario

Travel With My Spirit Guides

“I found Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides to be a gentle guide for my personal journey. Kerry’s voice is soothing and accompanied by supportive music which allowed me to relax and travel with my spirit guides. I highly recommend this CD for the opportunity to participate in relaxation and to explore realms beyond this ordinary reality.”

G.G., North Bay, Ontario

So Powerful, Calming And Refreshing

“I’m just back from my journey using your guided meditation, Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides. I laid down and I fell asleep quite easily. All I remember is that I was breathing deeply and I opened a door. A beautiful garden came into view. A Brother (monk) was there carrying a basket. I followed him and as he turned he became a horse. I smiled. The horse took off at the gallop. Another 4 horses came running fast but not out of control. Just so powerful and calm. The name I got was Freedom. I hugged the big nose of the horse and said bye. I had no idea how I got there but I felt fully refreshed and happy. I know this to mean that I am the horse with power, calmness and freedom but not out of control. This is so helpful. Thank you so much and I’ll recommend this CD to my customers, yoga instructor and friends.”

Johanne Mercier, Seeley’s Bay, Ontario

Different Experience Every Time

“I was recently given a great gift and comforting CD called Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides by Kerry Palframan. Since then I  have had many wonderful opportunities to participate in some very important spiritual journeys. Kerry’s soothing voice and knowledgeable direction along with the beautiful flute music being played by Michael Irvine enhanced my journey. Each time I have listened to the CD the experience has been quite different.  I allow myself to be open to whatever place I am guided to at that particular time.  Let go and let God.”

M. Duda, Kingston, Ontario

Workshop Feedback

Foundation / Able to Move Forward

“Thanks so much for a most wonderful 9 weeks. I’ve learned so much from you and feel I now have a good foundation and reference for moving forward in whatever path I choose. Thanks so much for keeping everything “real”, which does really set you apart from anyone else. You blend the spiritual and human side perfectly and because of this you are indeed a great teacher.”

Melinda Lauzon, Quebec

Life Changing

“Thank you so much for the life changing course and for the love and care you provide while delivering it. I am so glad I met you and took this course. You are an amazing soul!”

M.L., Quebec

Seeing The World Anew

“The knowledge I learned in your Soul’s Purpose Workshop Intensive is something I will never forget it (even if I tried to). It put some of my abstract ideas into words, into an entire language almost. It’s like seeing the world through a lovely pair of Chakra glasses that flash a certain color every time one of your chakras need attention! Now I am more aware of my body and its energy. I’ve learned, it is absolutely crucial to get to know yourself through non-judgment, and Kerry, in your class I felt no judgment or pressure. The experience was worth every cent…. but what I really want to say, is that the experience was priceless. And was it ever better than reading a book. And I would consider going through all of it again in a few years to see where I’m at and to put me back into top Chakra shape! Thanks so much Kerry.”

Michele Trahan, Ottawa, Ontario

Compassionate / Comforting

“Thank you Kerry on behalf of the Spiritual Frontiers Canada. I was so impressed with your ability to channel and the quick ability you have to get in touch with the correct person who has passed. The time went so quickly. What impressed me even more was your compassion for each of us. How much you want to serve others. The wonderful energy that is you! Thank you on behalf of the world, since you make it such a better place to be. We all are to be God’s hands and feet, but I also think we need to include being His voice or words. I know how much comfort people have provided me so I would like to do the same. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all did this?”

Spiritual Frontiers Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New Knowledge and Tools / Bringing Me Down to Earth

“This workshop, for me, was taking me out of the clouds to bringing me down to earth where our lives are meant to be lived or should I say our lessons to be learned. I have the knowledge & the tools now to use and it’s all because of your willingness to share. I would not change anything on the way you teach; your guides are going a great job! Keep listening. Thank you & bless you!”

Darquise DaSilva, Ottawa, Ontario

The Road to Enlightenment

“The Spirit Talk Workshop with Kerry Palframan was inspiring and a revelation to answers to improving my well-being. I would recommend the workshop to anyone searching for answers or anyone who wishes to improve their mind, body or soul on their road to enlightenment.”

Carolyn Fucili, Barrie, Ontario

 A Better Understanding Of Self

“Kerry’s Intuition and Psychic Powers Intensive Workshop was an incredible experience that I won’t soon forget! After just the 1st session I had a much better understanding of Self and that understanding blossomed into belief and trust as the workshop continued. My lessons were learned with incredible ease and in the comfort of a nurturing environment. Kerry’s ability to put forth information in such a clear and understanding way had me feeling many “Ah-ha” moments! The workshop discussions created sharing/caring and oneness with the participants that went far beyond any expectations I could have had. I will be forever grateful for the experience. Namaste.”

Sue, Ottawa

Whole New Perspective About Myself and the Universe

“I just wanted to let you know that I learned so much in this workshop I took with you. For me, the insight you provided was fascinating, and gave me a lot to think about. I now have a whole new perspective on my inner reality, and it has made me realize how fascinating and complex my relationship with myself — and with the universe — is. And the materials you provided is great — your notes are packed with information, and every time I go through them I find something new to think about. Thanks again — it was a great workshop!”

L. Jenkins, Kanata, Ontario

Practical Insights

“Thanks for a fun and interesting afternoon at A Chat With Spirit class. Lots of shifting and I would describe it as transformational. What I liked best: the relaxed atmosphere; felt engaged; heart felt; focused; like-minded people; novel ideas and information shared. The session is really about getting out of one’s own story and considering a macro/world view of reality. The material resonated with me and gave me practical insights, and how to integrate what spirit has to offer, into our day-to-day life. I was able to connect to parts of myself that were ready to release. Thanks again Kerry. Blessings,

Jeremy Sills, Ottawa (Music and Singing Bowl Artist)

 Taking Charge of My Life

“The Spirit Talk course which Kerry teaches is nothing short of a masterpiece. She gives you the tools to take charge of your life.”

M. Lisi, Toronto, Ontario

Freed Me From Restraints

“I was at a time in my life where I felt as though I was turning around in circles. The Soul’s Purpose Workshop allowed me to explore aspects of myself in a new and meaningful way. This in turn has helped me free myself of the restraints. And six months after the beginning of this journey, I feel free and fulfilled in a way that I have never experienced before!”

S.T., Orleans, Ontario

More Aware of Guides

“I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. Being able to interpret my spirits messages and dreams has helped me so much in my everyday life. I have become aware of situations and my guides in my waking-hours that I was never attentive of before.”

S. Herron, Mississauga, Ontario

Wealth of Knowledge

“I’m still digesting the wealth of knowledge I received from the Spirit Talk Workshop. The class went far behind learning how to interpret the symbolism and the messages we get from the dream state of our sleeping time. It made me realize that the interpretation techniques used to understand our dreams is also very useful to understand the symbolism of our lives in the awake state.”

A.R., Ottawa, Ontario

Positive Use of Dreams

“Your keen insight into the world of dreams gave us a new understanding of the positive use we can each make of our dreaming. It is within each of us to help ourselves, but we need someone like you to point the way, and you do it so well.”

F. Boxer, University of Toronto Women’s Club, Ontario

When Student is Ready….The Teacher Appears

“We believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. You are a great teacher!”

The Explorers Network, Brampton, Ontario

New Paradigm About My Place On This Earth

“Your workshop was awesome. Three years later, I still remember many of the things we talked about, and I find myself thinking about them as I go through my day. You’ve given me a whole new paradigm with which to examine myself, those around me, my life, and my place on this earth. If you ever decide to do a follow-up workshop, please let me know!”