Spirit Talk
Understanding Spirits’ Messages Daytime and Dreamtime, Authored by Kerry Palframan RN
(A.K.A. Kerry Palframan) 

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Your intuition, higher self, guides, angels, and Creator communicate with you constantly, day and night. These messages come to you as signs, symbols, images, coincidences, omens, and serendipitous events. Even license plates, repetitively seeing the same numbers, songs on the radio, encounters with animals, and other attention-getting events can be Spirit’s way of guiding you towards your soul’s purpose and enlightenment.

Kerry Palframan’s Spirit Talk teaches you how to recognize and understand these symbolic messages using the wisdom of the Ancient Mystery School teachings. Once you learn how to interpret the information sent to you in your dreams, you will use the same easy-to-use methods to see, hear, and understand the endless messages that you receive during the day.

Spirit Talk provides various step-by-step ways to recognize and interpret your nighttime and daytime messages, and an extensive dictionary of symbols.

Spirit Talk is your essential tool for self-empowerment, enlightenment, and self-mastery, as well as a comforting reminder that your Creator is with you every step of the way.

“This book has been one of the biggest catalysts in my spiritual awakening.” S. LeShien

“This book is the best tool I have ever had to help me understand messages from the Creator.” – D. Paul

“Phenomenal – an excellent overview of understanding messages from spirit.”M. MacMartin

Publication Date: Oct 02 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1478192151 / 9781478192152
Page Count: 532
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size:    7.5″ x 9.25″
Language:     English
Color:     Black and White
Related Categories:     Self-Help / Dreams

Feedback from Readers

“In her book Kerry shares her very personal journey from illness to spiritual awakening and awareness. The result is a very user-friendly resource, including a clear and detailed explanation of the teachings of the Egyptian Ancient Mystery School, with pertinent information about our chakra systems, karma and past life experiences and the effect these have on our dreams. A concise dream symbol dictionary and a simple-to-follow methodology of how to interpret dreams, encourage readers to extend their awareness beyond nighttime dreams, to recognizing and interpreting the deeper meaning of daytime signs and symbols that are ever-present in our lives. Kerry’s book is an invaluable tool for all those seeking to grow in their spiritual development.”
Mary-Lynne Sauve, Cornwall, Ontario

“Kerry’s book, like her workshops and her private readings, are all about empowerment… empowering the seeker to open to what they already know but have yet to “see”. In other words, the book is more than a book to interpret dream symbols, it is an essential tool for anyone on a spiritual path, to help them to grow familiar and comfortable with the idea that there are no “answers” or “definitions” which exist outside of them. The dreamer, or the seeker, is the one who provides the context and relevance to any one dream. Kerry’s approach to her writing and teaching always underscores the unique relationship of daytime and dreamtime (or light and shadow) aspects of self. She shows that it is the dynamic cycle of these spiritual currents which actually provide the inspiration and meaning for any one individual path. She provides assistance, guidance and tools, but the journey is always one of the individual’s self discovery.”
Tanja Kisslinger, Kelowna, B.C.

“Kerry Palframan’s book, Spirit Talk, has impacted my conscious awareness of my mind, body, emotions and soul and their role in my journey to health.  I am now more alert to messages from my unconscious, and from my spirit guides, of my deepest needs, whether through significant daily events, apparent co-incidences or nighttime dreams. A comprehensive glossary is very helpful when I am uncertain as to the various possible interpretations of symbols appearing in life or in dreams and their relation to my present situation. Several different approaches are offered in this analysis, so that I feel free to choose what best suits my needs.  In addition, descriptions of the seven chakras, the auric field and the deep bond between them and my physical and spiritual wholeness are of great interest in learning to empower myself to heal at many levels. Analysis of my waking and dream symbols has made clearer the issues that need to be dealt with at a conscious level. Ms Palframan’s book gives much food for thought.”
Kathy Shotten, Ottawa, Ontario

I’m reading SPIRIT TALK.  (I want to thank you for your gift.  I am deeply appreciative.)  The scope of your work is encyclopedic and the breadth of your knowledge reminds me of Manly P. Hall the 20th Century spiritual savant whose work is the Secret Teaching of All Ages.  You know the relationship between the physical body to the spiritual body to the light body as does he!
David Collis, Tuscon, AZ 

This book has been one of the biggest catalysts in my “awakening”.  It has shown me the value of understanding what my symbolism is and how signs are shown to me everyday – in my waking time as well as in my dream time.  It has been a very useful tool and continues to assist me in learning new ways to deal with my awareness.  Knowledge is empowerment.  Life can be complicated and pointed enough in this day and age but the knowledge contained within these pages has taken the edge off and allowed me to view things through different eyes.  Viewing things through different eyes is much less stressful and makes life much more enjoyable!
Sue LeShien, Ottawa, Ontario

“Our guides are trying to communicate with us everyday – during our waking hours and during our dream time.  Until you really know yourself many of these signs of communication go unnoticed.  This book is essential to have a better understanding of yourself and in making sense of the way our guides communicate with us.  This tool has helped enlighten me and has given me a deeper appreciation of the symbols that present themselves.  I especially enjoy the waking hour communication I have developed with my guides – all thanks to Kerry.  Our journey is filled with special surprises along the way.  Now I am much more in tune and aware…helping me make sense of it all.  Everyday is a gift and I always look forward to what may be revealed to me.  In order to make the most of this journey this book should be mandatory.  Information provided, worksheets and a symbols dictionary are essential when trying to make sense of it all.  When you find a tool like this you want to share it with the world!”
France Blair, Cornwall, Ontario

“When I started awakening from the dreams and illusions that I was alone and not connected to anything in the universe, I was drawn inevitably to believing in a power greater than myself.  Then I realized that this was a remembering process. Actually,  I started on a quest for whatever could help me, or point me in the right direction. Being an avid reader, I navigated from Emmett Fox, to Khalil Gibran, to Neale Walsh, to Course in Miracles, to Gary Zukav, to Deepak Chopra, to Hank Kellerman and a lot of others that I forgot the names. I have enjoyed tremendously that adventure of the last 20 years.

I enrolled recently in one of Kerry Palframan’s workshops called “intuitive Development” and discovered her magnificent book. The first thing I realized was how well documented it was. Many books try to teach “Self Mastery” by  most of them are poorly structured and documented. On my marvelous quest to  remember my divinity, the creator is constantly communicating with me through spirits, angels, animals, nature and actually everything that was and is ever created.

Kerry’s book explains in details all the ways and symbols that are used to assert this communication. Plus all her own interpretations which lead me  to find my own. On my spiritual path I always wanted to be able to hear God and be able to communicate with him or her. Kerry’s book is the best tool I have ever had to help me realize that. I feel very blessed to have been drawn to her book. Thank You.”
Donald Paul, Montreal, Quebec

“Reading Kerry’s dream book gave me the tools to find the wisdom inside myself to read my own symbols and messages. The universal dream dictionary in the back of the book, coupled with the very practical and concrete teachings on ‘knowing thyself’ (deciphering feelings, patterns, trends)has allowed me to turn inward for the answers to the most pressing questions in my life.”
Elizabeth Martin-Metallic, Nova Scotia

“Since reading the dream book, I am able to understand nearly all of the messages that I receive at night. The next phase of this process has been for me to use this information for symbols, feelings and situations which present themselves during the day. Day time symbols are beginning to be seen, and I am now well on my way to better understanding my own world and energy.”
D. Reynolds, Ottawa, Ontario

“I have worked with Kerry over the years, taking her gentle and enlightening courses of self- discovery.  Through her courses and now with her book, I continue to appreciate living in the moment and have a better eye for seeing the deeper meaning in all my daily activities. Kerry’s book helps guide the reader to see beyond the literal realm.  Her book helps us understand messages that are all around us from the universe, either through our relationships, our chakra system, animal friends, guides or our dreams,  and supports a holistic view of living a healthy lifestyle.  Through Kerry’s book, I now better understand that I am not just a body detached from everyone and everything around me, but rather a soul connected to all who is in a constant state of growth.  Understanding and living this truth brings meaning into my life that supports me through life’s ups and downs and helps me remember that consciousness begins with me each and every day”.
Tina Pane, Kingston, Ontairo

“I found Kerry’s book Spirit Talk, to be well written and researched based on both fact and experience. It is not a book about magical or instant answers but it is a book to be used as a tool in ones’ own dream work. Kerry repeatedly reminds the reader to rely on the “aha moment” for each person’s dream and journey is his or her own. For those who are interested in their dreams at whatever level, this book is a must. It is helping me in my dream journey.”
Margaret Gorham, Newburgh, Ontario

“Your book is incredible and so complex. It is a study guide in all areas of spirituality as much as it is a reference book for dream interpretations. Great and very impressive creation. It will serve me, and my clients.”
Thank you, Magda L., Gatineau, Quebec

“Your book is phenomenal. I am recording a few more dreams since purchasing and the dictionary is so helpful! Your whole book gives an excellent overview of understanding our dreams and messages from spirit. I do hope you have already added more copies to be shown to your future students and hope you are planning on writing your second book. You write in a very comprehensive and clear way.”
Thank you, Marjory MacMartin, Kingston, Ontario

“I keep your book in my bathroom! This is the highest compliment. I find myself flipping to different sections every day and am completely thrilled at the amazing way each reading is perfect for me that day. You are excellent in conveying this wisdom of the Mystery Schools.”
Janet S., Ottawa, Ontario

“I feel a bit overwhelmed with the material you have written. I have to read it in small chunks so I can take it all in. I can’t believe I’ve been missing so much. I never realized that spirit was communicating to me everyday through symbolism. This is turning my world upside down – but all for the better.”
Thank you! Pat P., Ottawa, Ontario

“This is an excellent book I bought it when you had classes at the Kingston St Lawrence College in the fall.  I took the book on a trip to Dayton Ohio and one of the people we were visiting became so engrossed in it I gave it to her! Lots of useful info.”
Thanks, Beth B., Kingston, Ontario

“You have been such an inspiration to me since I first attended your Intuitive class in Kingston this past winter. That day I will never forget as I went into the class extremely open minded and excited, even though I had no clue what I was about to learn and or experience.  I then for the first time realized I had been experiencing and seeing great things each day, without knowing it.  If you recall that day I saw an actual angel I still sit back and think of it with amazement.”

“I have since experienced many, many out of the ordinary things, signs and messages. When I attended another class a few weeks later,  I felt a great need to have your book for further clarity, and understanding of what I was and am experiencing. I have never been a fan of reading, until now.  The book is literally falling apart.  I find myself turning to it for clarity on a daily basis.  Sometimes the full meaning comes to me with just a quick glance. Other times I find it leads me through several sections and then I have a clearer view.  As I learn and understand more some sections take on a much greater and different meaning.”

I am truly grateful to you Kerry for sharing your knowledge, your life story, and for taking the time to teach this to people like me. I look forward to more.
Sherry Haggerty-Kerr,  Kingston, Ontario

Kerry Palframan’s insightful book has helped me decipher my own personal symbols not just in dreams but also in everyday life. By explaining the principles of a variety of dream interpretation traditions, Kerry has empowered me to find the method that works best for me at any particular time and has encouraged me to expand my personal symbology. In addition, I find inspiration in the courage and openness with which she meets her physical challenges in this life.
Ann Tudor, Author, Toronto, Ontario

“Ms. Pahlframahn has composed a useful and helpful guide to understanding and mastering the self through the important art of working with dreams.   She integrates methods which have been used across the millennia and across many cultures.  Her book provides a clear set of tools for the journey into greater conscious awareness and self mastery through a form of self-directed dream analysis.  The methods that Ms. Pahlframahn teaches provides a haven from the conditioning we have all received as inhabitants of our culture’s all too often materially based nightmare.  The book provides a map for navigating interior barriers such as the chattering mind, feelings of incompleteness, personal trauma, and pain in a humane, balanced manner that delves into the purposeful world of dreams.”
A.E.Wright, Kingston, Ontario – artist,educator,lay homeopath.

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