Spirit Talk Intensive Workshop – Understanding Messages from
Spirit Daytime & Dreamtime

The most empowering, life changing and eye opening workshop Kerry teaches!

Did you know you receive more messages from your higher-self and guides during the day, than you do at night?

If you’ve ever asked for help; for a sign, signal or message but could not interpret the answers…then this workshop is definitely for you!

It is taught using terminology usually used to describe dreamtime experiences, since your conscious mind already accepts that you dream in symbols.

It’s then simply a matter of applying these terms to your waking time experiences to understand your message

This workshop will prove to you how you are already a Master of Symbolic Translation…and you didn’t even know it…until now!

Prepare to have your world changed as a whole new level of reality is revealed to you through the power of symbolism – the second level of the Mystery School Teachings.

Serendipity; coincidences; seeing repetitive number sequences or objects; signs; signals; omens – anything at all that catches your attention can considered to be a message from Spirit. Nothing is too small!

This workshop will show you first-hand how easy it is to find the meaning, for you, in attention- getting daytime events… and your nightly dreams. You will be amazed how easily you can begin to decode the language of the Universe!

Do you long to enrich your life; empower yourself and learn your soul’s purpose?

Then this powerful workshop will show you the awesome insights revealed in daily occurrences…and how Creator’s hand really does reach into every corner of your waking life and dream time.

Guaranteed to stretch your awareness 10-fold…and offer you the comfort that you are being guided 24/7 by your benevolent celestial friends.

In this workshop intensive you will learn:

  • How to readily recognize, identify and decipher your spirit guides waking time messages
  • How to request help from your spirit guides and how to see, sense, hear and understand the answers
  • To see the purpose and deeper meaning of all events in your life.
  • How to enrich and empower yourself and reveal your life purpose
  • How to stretch your awareness 10-fold and move closer to your enlightenment
  • How to easily and effortlessly translate the personal meanings of your signs, symbols, images, visions, daily events, day dreams and night dreams (it’s easier than you think!)
  • What repetitive numbers mean or seeing the same thing or object over and over again
  • What meaning and messages animal encounters have for you
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to whatever gets your attention (it’s always a message from spirit!)
  • Simple interpretation methodology that can be used for understanding  your night dreams, day dreams and everyday attention getting occurrences
  • How to gain clarity; insight; guidance; wisdom; validation and direction every single day!

This is by far one of the best and most eye opening workshops Kerry teaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your 3rd eye pop open as you begin to see a whole new level of reality emerging in your life!

Only 6 participants will be accepted for this class to insure exclusivity for you and greater attention for your personal growth. Kerry’s intent is to assist you in learning to become self directed; to know and recognize Your Own Truth and give you the tools you need to negotiate the waters of your own life.

Course Requirement: A copy of Kerry’s book, Spirit Talk ($35.00)

Workshop Cost: $660.00


Early Bird Special: $560.00 if you register one week prior to course


Time Payment Plan: $699.00 (3 payment of $233.00 each over 3 months)

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