Discover Your Soul’s Purpose and Chakra Workshop Intensive

Your soul has many purposes and missions that it wishes to achieve in this life. Some are current purposes (specific to your current age), whereas you also have many overall life theme purposes. Both will be explored and revealed in this workshop.

Layer by layer you will discover more about Who You Are and why you chose this life and the path and journey you are on.

This is an intensive look at self at all the levels of your being.

We begin the journey of understanding your souls’ purpose through the eyes of the chakra system because it contains all the information about the history of your soul and your soul’s purpose.

Kerry teaches classes on chakras and aura’s differently than anything you have read in books about the chakra system. Her understand of chakras and auric fields has come from 22 years of hands-on healing practice and doing spiritual Mediumship and intuitive readings.

During her years of hands-on healing and readings Kerry has learned to focus on the molecular level of reality and, not only observe the nature of energy, but actually becomes the energy, thereby giving her a unique understanding and perspective on how energy flows and works according to Universal laws and principles.

Because your chakras and auric field are energetic in nature (molecules in motion) this has given Kerry a unique advantage in understanding the way your spirit energy and the earth’s energy enter your physical body.

To understand chakras, it’s important to know that when you emerged into this universe, you emerged as light, as a soul. And you emerged in the rainbow of creation according to the vibration that best suited and described your inherent nature.

Chakras are the patterns of refracted light created by your spirit energy as it beamed its light towards the earth plane and attracted the atoms of the earth to form your physical being. You are a combination of the light of your spirit and the atoms of the earth.

Chakras are literally rays of light (like a rainbow), sometimes seen as vortexes or spinning discs, but all those layers and levels of light (composed of molecules in motion), tell the story of your soul and contains all the information there is to know about you at all levels of your being.

As unique as a fingerprint, each person’s chakra system is a frequency of vibration manifesting as colours. Each colour is an intense focus of energy that radiates and pulses according to how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

How you view yourself and the world around you depends on which lens (chakra) you are using and what you are holding (which patterns) within each energy centre. And each person holds lifetimes of patterns that are emerging to be healed and remembered as part of your soul’s journey and soul’s purpose.

Understanding your own chakras will assist you in understanding yourself and your soul’s purpose.

Your aura is the boundary around you or your personal space. It contains the energy that keeps you separate from the rest of creation. Your aura pulses and vibrates according to which chakras are most activated.

You can easily train yourself to see aura’s (and Kerry teaches you how to do this in this workshop) but it is the translation of the colours that most people are not familiar with or understand.

Emotions surge through your auric field and it is quite easy to pick up other people’s emotions because they are quite literally surrounded by them and emitting their emotions into their auric field (so are you!).

Kerry teaches about the colours and what they mean and how to see, sense, feel and experience your own chakras and aura’s as well as those of others.

Understanding your soul’s purpose is a natural extension of knowledge that comes when you learn about your chakra system. The information about you and the world around you is boundless when you begin to understand the nature of reality through the eyes of the chakra system.

This course is designed to peel back the onion of Who You Are and the manual provided for this workshop can be used again and again to reveal more about your soul’s purpose in the months and years to come.

In this intensive 9 week workshop you will learn:

• How your soul level is designed; functions and the purposes it wishes to achieve
• Discover your unique characteristics and the way you operate and function in your inner reality
• Why your soul chose to manifest here in physical reality at this time
• Patterns you have brought from life time to life time and how to begin to shift these patterns
• What memories and data are being held in the very cells of your physical body
• How you function at the emotional level of your being and how to heal blockages being held here
• What your core beliefs are and if they are helping or hindering your journey.
• How to shift patterns, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are creating blockages and ruts that prevent you from moving forward
• What your inner relationship with self is like and how to heal the conflicts that reside within
• How you communicate with your higher self, guides and beings in the unseen world
• How you receive information from your intuition and how to work with your intuitive self to achieve your soul’s desires
• How you connect with your soul and Your Creator
• What your soul contracts and karmic ties are and what patterns your soul seeks to heal in this life
• How family and friends play a role in your soul’s journey
• Interpreting messages from your body, thoughts, feelings, visions and any attention getting occurrences
• In every class you will be guided on a journey to explore a new aspect of self
• As new aspects of self are revealed, Kerry will assign unique homework for you to assist you on your journey

There is much methodology and in-class practice as well as weekly homework assignments and a complete manual to guide you through this intensive workshop.

If you are ready for change and to Know Yourself to the roots of your soul, then this workshop is for you.

100+ page manual included. Course Requirement: Purchasing Kerry’s book Spirit Talk ($35.00) for this workshop.

Only 6 participants will be accepted for this class to insure exclusivity for you and greater attention for your personal growth. Kerry’s intent is to assist you in learning to become self directed; to know and recognize Your Own Truth and give you the tools you need to negotiate the waters of your own life.

Cost: $940.00

Early Bird Special – $850.00 if you register one week prior to workshop

Time Payment Plan – $999.00 (3 payments of $333.00 each over 3 months)

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