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Like the vastest constellation and the tiniest molecule, you are emitting and receiving energy at all
times simply because you exist. All humans and all life – on this planet and in the unseen realms –
are constantly transmitting and receiving energy.

I have a unique ability to capture energy signatures and decode them. Essentially, I see, sense,
feel and become you during a session. I can then transmit insights from your own being that will
help you unlock the secrets of your past, present and future.

  • I can see the patterns you are creating in your life and where you are headed based on
    those patterns. I can read your soul’s purpose and access guidance on your relationships,
    health, finances, career or any aspect of your life.
  • I can tap into the Akashic Record, the Book of Souls, where the record of this and all your
    soul’s previous incarnations is energetically stored. Blockages at the soul level are frequently
    the cause of current life problems, particularly health issues. I can help release blockages and
    shift energies during a session – healing does occur.
  • I can also tap into the energy code of your family, friends, coworkers or transitioned loved ones,
    your angels and spirit guides, and even your pets, extra-planetary or inanimate things. I literally
    become them (their energy blueprint) and you may speak with them through me!
  • During a private session you will also be able to feel what I experience about you energetically.
    I can pop you through the ceiling of your limitations and show you how to see, feel, sense and access your own higher self and Celestial friends in a remarkable experience you soon won’t forget.

In short, I can access the energetic blueprint of whatever you desire and translate for you the messages encoded there. So point me in your chosen direction and use me like a laser beam. I will be honoured to bring forth the information, the clarity you need to assist you on your journey of self-discovery.

Telephone or Skype sessions are 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes in length and recorded on mp3. Or you may choose an online email reading of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. See FAQ page for more info and rates before booking an appointment. 

See client feedback below Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program offers you a series of four, one hour sessions by telephone or Skype over a 2 month period. I have been teaching and mentoring for over 20 years and it is one of my passions in life. During the mentoring sessions you will have private and personalized instructions from me. You will have my full support and access to any of my teachings, workshops or readings on whatever topic or area of focus you choose.

We will set up an action plan and I will help you fast-track towards your goals, desire, wishes and intents. This is a healing modality that arms you with the knowledge, skills and tools you require to achieve your next level of mastery. You will learn how to consciously co-create your reality, tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you wish to improve your relationship with yourself or others; work through emotional blocks; find out root causes of illnesses or recurring themes/issues in your life; discover patterns that may be helping or hindering your progress; rediscover beautiful gifts and talents you have; past lives and karmic contracts; your souls purpose; your personal path for enlightenment; who your angels and spirit guides are and how to work with them; past lives and how understanding them can help you in this life; discover and open more to your own intuitive talents; your next step in self-mastery or any other specific goal or desire of your choosing can be achieved with this mentoring program.

Whatever direction, guidance, wisdom, insight, clarity, teaching or knowledge you require in your life at this time is available with this four session personalized program. All sessions will be recorded on mp3 and can be used for future reference and offers you more insight every time you review the material.

If you have been searching for a way to make your dreams come true and meet the goals you’ve set out for your life, I can help bring you the information required and show you step-by-step how to achieve them.

Book your first session today using the big purple button on right hand side of this page, and the remaining three sessions will be set up once I receive notification or your booking. Sessions can be done by Skype or telephone. 

If you have further inquiries about the mentoring program please use the form on the Contact page.

*A list of workshops and detailed Info about them can be found at this link. Scroll down the page a bit and click on the workshop desired. Kerry can gear any workshop towards your personal needs during a mentoring session. 

Feedback On Mentoring With Kerry

“I have attended workshops given by James Van Praagh, John Holland, Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Joseph Tittel and others in a group setting.  I have an interest in mediumship development. While the information I gathered in these workshops is invaluable and all these teachers are very gifted mediums, I was not able to connect with my passed over son Justin. I took a one on one mentoring program with Kerry and after just one hour, I was communicating with Justin. The one-on-one experience is like no other as Kerry is able to devote all her time to one person. With her guidance I was able to put into practice what I had learned in this short amount of time and the end result was amazing.Thank you Kerry.”  Lynda Frost, Ottawa, Ontario

“For anyone looking to develop under somebody’s wing, I can HIGHLY recommend Kerry’s mentoring program! Kerry has a vast body of spiritual knowledge upon which to draw, and this, combined with her very warm and engaging personality, creates the perfect mentoring environment. Thank you, Kerry, for your boundless knowledge, kindness, patience, understanding and love.” Leigh Newman, Lincoln, UK

“Thank you for everything!  I feel SO much better!  That heaviness is gone from my field for the first time I can remember and I feel alive for the first time in a very long time.  It’s amazing! “  Jason, California

“I want to thank you for everything.  It truly was an honor and a pleasure to work with you! You are an exceptional human being in the way you have lived your life and you are truly exceptional in your gifts – I have never met anyone who was anywhere near as clear as you are.”    Eric, USA

“I’ve had the delight of working with Kerry in her mentoring program and prior to that as a student of her’s for 4 years. She continues to be a powerful teacher and guide on my journey of discovery, awakening and wholeness.  Kerry has a beautiful talent of blending spirituality with humanity.  Her profound wisdom and insights are always infused with honesty, humour and compassion.  I now carry many of her teachings in my toolbox and apply them with ease in my private practice.  Kerry’s coaching has helped me trust myself, love myself and come home to who I truly am.  Much gratitude!”  Elise Laviolette, Canada

“During our mentoring time together it was obvious that Kerry truly cares about her clients and their development, and she is open-hearted, patient and very understanding. She was 100%  there for me and and helped me to gain more understanding along my path of self discovery and awakening.  Meeting and getting to know Kerry has been a real highlight for me. She helped my unending quest to ‘see’ beyond the limits of 3D, and to connect with my dearly loved brother, who is now in spirit. It is thanks to her that I have the clear and solid connection with him that I have. Thanks so much Kerry. Worth every penny!”  Suzanne Webber, Salts Spring Island

“I am grateful for this first mentoring session Kerry as we have managed to immediately take the short cut to the core issue in my life; why am I here and how do I anchor in this physical realty to find that sense of belonging that has always been missing and that will provide the needed safety net and warm loving blanket I desire so strongly. I am looking forward to the next session!”  L. R., Bangkok

“You have changed my life. I now feel inspired and capable to help others and affect change in others. You can never know all the change you have generated in the world as a result of your teachings!”   Elizabeth, New York

Feedback From Clients:

Moved Through Fears, Doubts, Confusion

“I have had several readings with Kerry over the years to help me understand relationships, life purpose and to overcome limiting beliefs. Kerry always brings clarity, compassion and concrete advice to every reading. I have been able to move through fears, doubt, confusion and heal deep wounds through work with Kerry and have developed a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and everyone in my life. Kerry’s amazing gift has become a compass for my life for which I am eternally grateful.” 
Jodi, Beijing, China 

Connected With Passed Over Father

“Thanks to you I feel I am now finally able to move forward and heal myself.You took on my dads character and body language. Your facial expressions were exactly like his. It blew me away! I was so emotional and overwhelmed when you said my dad wanted to hug me (through you). I don’t really know how to describe what I felt. It was the most emotional experience I have ever had in my life. I know the things you said were coming from my dad. Also the way you grabbed my arm, that is something he would have done. The whole experience is like a beautiful dream to me now. One I will treasure forever. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you. You are such an inspiration! All the best to you!”
Dianne Povey, British Columbia, Canada

Science And Spiritual Combined

“Your energy reading is so powerful and amazing for me, as I adore quantum physics and science itself  and I am very spiritual, so you are the living/breathing example of everything I always believed in but now I see it in practice. I am really amazed by your work – being able to tune at person’s system and read through molecular particle, it’s just so fascinating for me, it’s like a science fiction! You are so fortunate to have this gift. I am endlessly grateful. Many thanks. Sending you much love”.
R. Tomlinson, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Brought Me Peace And Comfort

“Thank you so much my dear Kerry. This email reading is excellent and so detailed. I am so happy to receive this email. Bless you – you have brought so much peace and comfort in my heart. I am so grateful to Creator who showed me the way to you. Many blessings and I send you much love xxx”
J. Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden

35 Years Of Pain Gone In One Session

“Kerry – You did a reading for my mum who is 80 years old and been suffering from terrible head pain for 35 years. I have just spoke with mum and asked her how her head and ear have been since the session you did for her a month ago. She is incredulous that her pain of 35 years has disappeared!!! Oh my goodness Kerry I’m amazed! I know she has been working on her understanding too of the emotional issues behind it all…but it’s like a miracle! She is so happy that she feels like  a new person and doesn’t expect it to ever come back, but if it does she said the first thing she’ll do is ask you for another session. It’s so wonderful for me too, to know that I don’t have to worry about her to the same degree any more. what a relief!! Thank you so much.”
Kay A., Lincoln, UK

Anger Dissolved 
“Dear Kerry, I am writing to share with you about my son. I am so amazed at how much his attitude has changed towards me. This is thanks to the session I had with you! He is like a new person to me, and also his anger has dissolved. It’s really amazing!”    Thank you, Nieves

House Sold! 
“Just to let you know that my mother’s house is sold!!! You were absolutely right (twice) in saying that it would happen in June 2013. 
I would like to thank you for everything you have done in helping us during this time. I am truly grateful. We are very much relieved and thank you for your contribution and help.”     Kindest regards, Louise, Canada


“You absolutely stand out from the crowd with your intuitive sessions. Your gift is so unique, and the healing I get from your sessions is so profound. I truly think that once someone has experienced a session with you then they’ll be hooked. I recommend you all the time to customers and friends and let them know how much more healing and understanding they’ll receive from you type of session versus other psychics they might have seen. Thank you!”
A. Shultz, California, USA

Healing at Very Deep Level

“Kerry’s readings help you to heal at a very deep level and to gain unprecedented clarity and understanding of your whole being – not just the tiny part of you that is here on Earth, living this particular life. By virtue of the fact that we’re all very complex beings with a vast history, there is just so much that we’re unaware of that affects us in this lifetime. Kerry’s therapy can be of enormous benefit if we are ready to see ourselves from a significantly broader perspective, and can assimilate her information deep into our being, allowing it to work its magic.

I honestly can’t now remember how life used to feel before I began having rsessions with Kerry. I now endeavour to appreciate the deeper meaning behind all of life. This new-found connection feels wonderful and uplifting!”
Kay Aveling, Greely, Ontario, Canada

You Are the First Healing Modality That Seems to Have an Effect on Me!

“I’m writing to give you a feedback on our session. I’m doing so only now as I wanted to see how things evolved for me because our session really turned me upside down ! The information part was very useful, but it is the healing part that really blew me away!  When I woke up the following morning, I felt a shift inside me. It’s hard to explain but I was suddenly seeing my life with extreme clarity, and in a very positive way. For the first time, I started to really believe that I could heal !

For the following 2-3 days, I was in a haze, my mind kind of turned off …  I was just feeling, crying, listening to music and thinking about my parents and other people …  Also, for the following 3 or 4 weeks, I was almost constantly feeling this sensation in my heart chakra, like a small pain. I still feel it these days, although not all the time.

So all this to say that you are my new guru and if you are willing I would like more sessions with you. You are the first healing modality that seems to have an effect on me (and trust me, I have tried just about everything else, including many healers). I have re-listened to the recorded session several times (thanks for your patience). It’s very good to have it recorded since it took me 3 or 4 listens to extract all the info!
JF, Quebec, Canada

Truth and Wisdom

I do feel the truth and wisdom of your words about my situation. Although it doesn’t make it any easier for me to take. I am still absorbing the part about the energy being a mirror of my own heart energy and relationship with self. That would be a big ouch!! Kerry, your session was right on and very helpful. Thanks again and many, many blessings to you!
Love & Light Kathy, New York, USA

New Chapter in My Life

“A new chapter from my dearest friend in Canadaland. You are truly an inspiration you know.I am really so proud to know you. I will be thinking of you and praying for you in all ways.
Wish you the best in health and happiness. You are amazing.”
CFDU, New South Wales, Australia


“Bless you and the work you do. I’ve seen your workshop videos and listened to your guided meditation journeys. The private session I had with you was nothing short of miraculous for me and helping me see myself in a new light. I am strong believer of Quantum physics and energy, so I was blown away with how you pick up information through energy. You are a true gift to humanity!”
Audrey Duncan, Aberdeen, Scotland

Heart Chakra Opened

“Thank you for helping me shift the congestion in my heart.  I am so grateful to finally have an open heart! And thank you for your support and all that you have contributed to my life and the planet.  You are a little bundle of light.”
Ellyn. L. , Toronto, Canada

Communicating With My Guides

“Thank you for helping me communicate with my guides, creator, my angels, and my higher selves.  It is so helpful and a great and exciting adventure I’m embarking on! I’m so blessed to have found you.”
G. Rourke, Seattle, USA

Open To Receive Blessings

“Thank you for teaching me how to be more open to receiving.  It is amazing how many little coincidences have happened to me since my session.  It’s been raining blessings! It’s really amazing and wonderful.”
Carrie Johnston, New Mexico, USA

How Your Readings Are Different From All Others

“I’ve been thinking about how your readings are different from others…here’s what I have figured…

When I come away from your readings I feel grounded and much more understanding of how life works/what we’re here to do/that this is just a schoolroom and Home is Heaven. I feel less churned up emotionally than when others read for me, I think this is because you are in touch with our Oversouls and those of our loved ones. Hence the information you put across is from that perspective – greater understanding, wisdom, clarity and all those other good things.

When someone else talks to me in a reading I feel very emotional. When you do, I feel calm and happy, as if everything is entirely as it should be. Which of course it is! Lol…but others don’t always make it feel that way.

When you think about it, when a loved one dies, usually all those close to them talk about how unfair it is/ they were so young/they had so much left to do/they had such a tough life, etc etc. What you bring to people is a deep remembrance (I won’t just call it ‘Understanding’) of who we are. It takes a while for that to sink in when you first have a reading, as it feels quite alien…but after several of them, you really can switch your perspective around more fluidly and remembering becomes easier. Thanks Kerry” 
Kay Aveling, Green Spirit Store, Manotick, Ontario, Canada

 For more information about Kerry’s readings; free oracle advice and more detailed info in general about Kerry – including her story, please see her other website


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Feedback From Clients

Saved My Marriage

“Having a reading with Kerry saved my marriage. After feeling my husband growing increasingly distant, I did a session with Kerry, expecting the worst. But instead of telling me that my marriage was over, Kerry explained the dynamics of our relationship and how to relate to my husband in a new way. That very day, my husband walked in the door and he has been all over me ever since!  The biggest thank you of my life dear Kerry!”


Elaine Wilson, New York, USA

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