Mastering the Art of Self-Love

Cost: $40.00


This workshop calls on all who seek the ultimate level of self-mastery.

Planet Earth is the planet of self-love and all embodied beings are here to learn about self-love. Yet many resist delving into the deepest parts of their inner reality either due to fear of painful memories, experiences or emotions.

Learning to love your most vulnerable, or “shadow” parts of self can be achieved more rapidly now due the shifting times. Kerry has some great new strategies that you can begin to incorporate into your daily life in effortless and positive ways.

In this workshop you will gather the many new tools to help you create that perfect marriage within yourself! By shifting and changing your inner reality, you will not only begin to experience self-love and peace in a new way, but you will also draw in other people that will mirror your beautiful heart.

The planet needs as much Light as possible to help with this transition time and it all starts with you and with Self-Love!

Please join in the Light of Love and begin today in taking steps towards your next level of self-mastery.

In-class homework will be practiced.

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