How To See, Sense and Experience Auras and Chakras Workshop

Cost: $50.00


What if you could learn how to feel and experience energy and your auric field, and also how to see auras?

How incredible would it be to find out who you really are; why you came into this lifetime; what your soul longs to experience this time around, and to understand who you are to the depths of your soul?

All this information about you and more is contained within your chakras and auric field!

What if you could learn to begin to access this information for yourself?

What if you could change your life for the better by learning how to open your chakras and remove blockages within them that hold you back?

If this makes you feel excited, then this workshop is for you!

Kerry has developed pioneering ways to teach auras and chakras. Her unique approach and very deep understanding comes from 20+ years of practice doing intuitive hands-on healing; dream work; meditation and intuitive readings.

You won’t find this information explained in the same way anywhere else!

This workshop is guaranteed to foster and strengthen your innate gifts, and open your eyes to the greater reality of Who You Are!

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