Releasing Emotional Blockages Workshop

Cost: $50.00


You are a 4-fold Being consisting of a body, mind, spirit and emotions. Emotions have been quite neglected in our society and all over the planet. Very few teachers or spiritual practices even acknowledge the emotions as part of your Divine nature and the natural quaternity of Who You Are.

Your emotions play a pivotal part in your soul’s journey, enlightenment and self-empowerment. They are your guidance system in life! Beginning to recognize them as the noble, worthy, healthy and absolutely essential part of your Being can change your life.

In this class Kerry will help each participant recognized and discern where they are experiencing their emotional blockages and how to begin to shift, change, liberate, release and transmute these honourable aspects of self.


• What are feelings and emotions and what role they play in your life
• How your emotions are designed to be your guidance system in life
• How to identify where you are emotionally blocked
• Techniques and methodologies on how to release, shift, change and transmute emotional blockages
• How to begin to view your feelings as noble, worthy aspects of self and relate to them differently
• To identify your positive and negative emotions
• What to do with emotions you don’t like
• Techniques on how to surf through emotions that overwhelm you
• How to balance your emotions so that you do not experience states of overwhelm or extremes
• What to do if you are picking up other people’s emotions
• Learn to identify what are your emotions vs. what are other peoples and how to shield yourself from unwanted emotions of others
• New ideas and tools on how to relate with your different moods and emotions
• How to identify and reprogram early childhood emotional trauma’s
• New tools and methods for restoring your passion for life
• How to have healthier relationships with your Self and others
• Be led on a guided meditation journey to meet and dialogue with an emotional aspect of self
• How to create a smoother emotional inner reality that has less highs and lows
• How to deal with anger, anxiety, distress, rage, guilt, depression, sadness, envy, hatred, frustration, resentments, fear and more

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