Releasing Emotional Blockages

Your emotions play a pivotal role in your soul’s journey, enlightenment and self-empowerment!

If you are experiencing emotional upheaval or are sensitive to others’ emotions, this workshop can help you see your emotions in a whole new light.

Each emotion you experience is a gift given to help you heal and to understanding yourself a little better. They help you to see where you have unwanted or limiting patterns of behaviour or thought that stand in your way of being Who-You-Really-Are!

Working with, and relating to, your emotions in a positive and empowering way allows increasing amounts of your soul Light to shine through.

In this powerful workshop, you will learn how to successfully shift, change, liberate and relate to your emotions in a whole new way; so that you can heal outdated patterns that no longer serve you well.

The emotions covered are:

Anger, Resentment, Rage, Fury, Hatred, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Confusion, Apathy, Boredom, Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Despondency, Despair, Envy, Jealousy, Depression and Grief.

Your emotions help you in many other ways too! They are your built-in guidance system and help to direct you in life, through a variety of ways which are discussed in this workshop. They always show you the best way to use your innate gifts and talents and give you the much needed energy to focus on your life goals.

You have likely had the scenario many times, where your head (intellect) says one thing, and your heart (emotions) says another! It’s the proverbial ‘angel vs devil’ conflict, and these dynamic polar opposites reside within all of us. It can be quite the challenge to make clear, concise decisions in your life when your head and heart are showing you different viewpoints!

In this fascinating workshop, Kerry will show you how to successfully listen to both sides, and in so doing, make clearer decisions and choices in your life!

This workshop gives you the essential knowledge for anyone who is on their journey of self-discovery and wishes to relate more healthily to their emotions.

Length: 90 minutes. View as video workshop or as audio mp3 download.

A good companion for this workshop is Kerry’s e-booklet on Releasing Emotional Blockages which available in the Store.


What others are saying about this workshop

 “I took part in Kerry Palframan’s Emotional Blockages Release Workshop via Teleseminar. I found the 1.5 hour workshop truly enlightening and help me to understand and get a clearer idea on how my chakra system functions and how to clear my blockages.  My anxiety levels have been over the top. This seminar taught me how to step into my authority and face my emotions and end my blockages.  Kerry has provided me with the tools I need in my life at this time. I am grateful to her and look forward to her next teleseminar.”
Linda Sledge, Las Vegas, USA

“I had no idea that there was a connection between anger and depression, but after hearing Kerry’s teleseminar I have shifted my focus with my therapist and I already had a breakthrough”
Beth Sneiderman, Brooklyn, NY

“I just finished listening to the Emotions Workshop and learned so much. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge. I am working on one emotion at a time in my journaling and so much good stuff is being released. Dear one, thank you for your amazing work for all of us and Mother Earth. Looking forward to watching/hearing more of your seminars.”
Germaine Cabe, Arizona, USA

“I purchased Releasing Emotional Blockages, which really helped me in seeing the benefits of what I previously considered ‘negative emotions’. The way you clearly explain how each emotion has a useful quality and how to communicate with them, has quite literally change my life. Thank you. This was beyond what I expected!”
Jelena Orrell, Sweden

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