Releasing Emotional Blockages Booklet

In this 16 page booklet you will learn how your emotions play a pivotal part in your soul’s journey, enlightenment and self-empowerment.

Kerry clearly outlines how you may be suppressing your emotions and the symptoms of repressed emotions.

Each emotion has a noble, worthy role in your life and each can be used as your guidance system in life! Kerry explains how.

Step-by-step methodology for emotional reconnection is listed and discussed.

An extensive list of emotions is provided to help you recognize and acknowledge the wide variety of emotions that reside (like characters) within you.

Kerry introduces you to a myriad of new ways on how to relate to, and negotiate peace, with the various emotional aspects of yourself.

You will learn how to shift, change, liberate, release and relate to your emotions differently.

The following emotions will be discussed in length and the noble, worthy role each plays in life:

–          Anger, Resentment, Rage, Fury
–          Hatred
–          Fear
–          Anxiety, Worry, Confusion, Boredom
–          Guilt, Shame
–          Sadness
–          Depression
–          Envy, Jealousy
–          Grief
–          Happiness, Joy, Contentment

If you are feeling in need of some new ideas on how to work with any of these emotions, this booklet can help!


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