Relationships Workshop – With Self and Others

Cost: $50.00


A relationship is any interaction or connection with another life form. This of course includes your relationships with other people, but it also includes your connection to the plant life, the animal kingdom, all elemental life (water, air, earth, fire) and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Knowing Who You Are and how your inner reality functions is the most important key in understanding relationships. Knowing what causes reactions in you is another important ingredient in learning how to respond instead of react to triggers (having your buttons being pushed) by others.

Your inner reality is a place that only you experience. It is rich with knowledge and your wisdom, emotions, thoughts, intuition, attitudes, beliefs, higher self and connection to Your Creator all reside within you. This workshop helps you begin the journey or learning Who You Are so that your inner relationship with self becomes a pleasant, sacred and safe place to be. From there, you will begin to magnetize other people into your life that reflect this new inner reality.

Other people mirror you and this is an ingenious part of Creators plan to help you learn and discern Who You Are. You are at choice about who you wish to be and what you wish to experience here on earth. This class helps you understand this built-in mirroring process and how to take steps to shift your inner reality, so that the external begins to mirror you in healthier and more supportive ways.

Everyone is program from childhood to hold certain beliefs and ideas about what is right and wrong. What is the right and wrong types of behavior, thoughts and feelings within the family, society and especially within you.

You will unconsciously run off this old programming until one day you realize it no longer serves you well and the conflicts within yourself and with others begin to overwhelm you. This class will offer you new tools on how to understand your own inner reality and what triggers you emotionally and what beliefs are held on your proverbial hard drive.

Once you know how you function, you can then begin to consciously change and learn to co-create your reality. This workshop teaches you how to begin that process of manifesting your desires and resolve conflicts and patterns that continue to rise within your life.

We will also explore various techniques for improving your ability to relate to yourself and to others. Identifying where and how miscommunication happens and ideas on how to repair conflicts within self and within relationships with others.

In this workshop you can explore relationships with your: spouse, friends, co-worker, partner, ex-spouses, children, family members, passed over loved ones and even pets.

Understanding Your Truth and point of view regarding relationships will be addressed as it is important to learn to honour, respect and eventually express Your Truth in all relationships. Kerry will assist each participant in uncovering their Truths in regards to whatever relationships they choose to focus on.

Other issues explored in this workshop include:

• How all relationships are your spiritual messengers
• What is self and how to become sacred witness of your own inner world
• Why it is pivotal to have a healthy relationship with self in order to have healthy relationships with others
• In class practice of techniques on how to create this healthy new relationship with self
• How to begin the process of learning to love yourself
• Dialoguing with self and others at the soul level
• How your inner reality and relationship with self works and the richness of spiritual messages available to you inside
• How to use the influence of your inner reality to empower you and move you towards your enlightenment
• Recognizing core beliefs and how to begin to shift them to serve you better
• How your emotions are your built in guidance system in life and worthy and noble aspects of your being
• In class practice of new communication skills
• How others mirror you for your own personal growth
• How judgment plays a role in relationship with self and others
• New tools and techniques to improve your ability to communicate
• How to discern, recognize and know your Own Truth
• How to begin to have a peaceful, harmonious relationship with self
• Conflict resolution ideas
• How to use your 3rd eye to resolve and heal relationship problems
• Root causes of issues, conflicts or problems in relationships
• Guided meditation journeys to assist you in understanding yourself and others
• How karmic ties and contracts play a role in your relationships
• How you can relate, communicate and use animals, plant life, the elements and all life forms to assist you in your relationships


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