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Spirit Talk, Understanding Spirits’ Messages Daytime
and Dreamtime, $45.77
PDF e-book

Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides
CD: $15.00 (includes booklet)

Guided Meditation Journeys (MP3 Download)
$5.00 Each or All Six for $18.00

Discover a Past Life.

How To Center and Know Your
Own Truth
Complete Grounding And

Meet Your Animal Totem
And Guide
Meeting Your Angels and
Spirit Guides.

Meet Your Intuitive Side

Video /Mp3Workshops
$5.00 Each or All Sixteen for $48.00

(View Online or Download MP3)

How to Connect with Your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Discover Your Past Lives & Reincarnation

Releasing Emotional Blockages.

Successful Secrets of Meditation.

How To See And Sense Auras & Chakras.

How To Protect Your Aura & Grounding Workshop

Messages From Passed
Over Loved Ones.

Learn To Communicate With Your Angels & Spirit Guides
(3 Hrs)

How To Strengthen Your Intuition And Psychic Powers

Resolving Inner Conflict

Animals Guides, Totems And Medicine Workshop

Dreams And Messages From Spirit Workshop

Medical Intuition Workshop 1

Medical Intuition Workshop 2

Dealing with Anger,
Rage and Fury

SadnessTaking Care of Sadness and Despair,

$5.00 Each or All Three for $9.00

Releasing Emotional Blockages.
Animal Messengers And Symbol Dictionary
The Soul World
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Spirit Talk


Meeting Your Angels And Spirit Guides

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Feedback From Clients


“Anyone who really wants to get to know their TRUE self…Kerry can help. I have had numerous readings with her over the last few years and can say, hand on heart, that she has been totally awe-inspiring. I have also attended her fascinating workshops, and have found her to be a most inspirational teacher.”

Kay, Greely, Canada

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