Past Lives Guided Meditation Journey MP3
Past Lives Guided Meditation Journey MP3
Discover how your past lives have held you back or helped you to SHINE in your current life! This recording takes you on a guided magical journey to visit a different past life each time you listen to it. You'll gain clarity and awareness of the connection between that life and your current one...and you'll experience glorious A-ha moments, where you suddenly realize and understand why certain aspects of your life ARE the way they ARE! These conscious connections that you make, hold the key to healing on many different levels of your Being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. A very powerful tool for anyone looking to know themselves at the soul level. Length: 45 minutes


What others are saying about Past Lives Guided Meditation Journey

“Kerry’s Past Life guided meditation journey was really good and helpful. I was able to retrieve a past life when I was a woman living somewhere in Europe in the 1460’s. I quite enjoyed the way you gradually worked into the past life and the focus on healing in the journey. I was surprised at how swiftly and clearly I was able to make the connection between that past life and what is going on in my life now. Thank you.”
S. Reynolds, Toronto, Canada

“I did Kerry Palframan’s Past Life guided journey and uncovered a promiscuous redhead from somewhere in Basque country many decades ago. She wanted to have sex with everyone and ended up getting caught and lived with a lot of shame. This seems to be connected to the skin condition that I have which is linked to my own feelings of shame. Thank you for helping me to uncover this piece of my healing puzzle.”
Liz Martin, San Francisco, USA

“During Kerry’s Past Life Guided Meditation Journey I did experience a fascinating past life. However, I especially liked the part where I was taken back to different times in childhood. The journey through my own childhood and into the womb was even more interesting and healing to me than the past life (although that was helpful too). Imagine all of the connections that people could make to their current adult patterns if they did a guided retrospective journey? Thanks for sharing.”
Amber Lynn., Perth, Australia

“Kerry’s Past Life guided meditation took me into an incredible journey through my childhood (which had me crying with gratitude to remember) but also into a past life which surprised me (because I was a man and a leader of sorts). I was easily able to connect this lonely past life man that I was, with the feelings of loneliness I currently have. But at least I now understand why I feel this way and it was really an insightful journey. It gave me a sense of peace and I truly feel as if I’ve healed a part of myself. I will definitely be doing this one again. Thank you.”
Margaret Caruthers, BC, Canada

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