How Others Describe What Kerry Does


Kerry offers a unique ability to slip into the energetic dimension that exists in and around us and through which we are projecting at all times. From this vantage point, Kerry can tap into the vibration of you, your questions, places and other potentials, and offer the guidance as to how this “pathway” does / does not serve you. In some unique and important way, Kerry is like an “interpreter” between you and your Higher Self – assisting in the transmission of your own Divine guidance in reaching you here and now.


Kerry goes inside your etheric body, feels around in your body, determines what needs to be worked on first, and helps you to heal that part which has been disassociated from you. Kerry gently nurtures your healing process and explains it all while going through it with you. She truly is a treasure.


Kerry is in a category of her own. Her ability to tap into someone’s energy and “become” them is unbelievable. It never ceases to amaze me how she takes on their persona and body language. Being extremely well versed in symbolism, the language of Spirit, gives her the capability to interpret messages which would otherwise seem meaningless.
Kerry’s profound knowledge on a vast variety of subjects and her unique approach are part of what makes her teachings one of a kind. She explains things in simple terms, leaving you with tools to work with and lots to think about. Her aim is to help you develop your own skills hence why she’s so willing to openly share her wisdom and knowledge to all who are being put on her path. Her comfort in speaking in front of a large audience always makes attending her talks a very interesting learning experience as Kerry will share some of her own personal stories along with how she developed her skills so her audience is left with ideas on how to proceed when presented with a challenge. She also talks about interpreting signs and symbols which we can all apply in our daily life.


Kerry is able to reach into the deepest level of your soul and your subconscious where the programs are running and redirect and balance the energy to a healthier expression.

People are seeking happiness and wonder why they don’t get what they desire – Kerry is able to have conversations with your close relationships (current life or passed over) and look into those programs –  she then connects to your soul and to these core relationships and is able to have a conversation and clear up blocked energy that is holding  you back from having the relationships you want.

She can also assist in healing and forgiveness down to your soul level.

Kerry can also go into your soul level  and discover your soul’s missions. She can have a conversation with your higher-self and your pre-birth soul and let you know what planning or soul mission and soul purpose you chose, and whether you are on track. She finds out the choices you made at that time and whether you’d like to continue on this path or not.


Kerry temporarily steps into your energetic shoes and experiences your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves the same way you do.

She can see/feel “dark areas” — things that are major issues in your life. She can also see/feel whether the connections you have with other people are healthy or unhealthy, and what kinds of relationships you have with things, such as food, money, alcohol, etc. During a private reading, you can ask her for her general impressions of how your various selves are doing, or you can ask her to focus-in on a specific problem, issue, or concern.


Kerry lets you see yourself from a completely different perspective than you’ve ever had access to before — it’s fascinating!

Kerry offers a perspective that is down to earth and real. She picks up on what’s going on inside me, and helps me see my way through. By (literally) mirroring my truth back to me, my spirit gets to feel its way through. I find myself thinking about our sessions for weeks, even months afterwards. With Kerry our work is profound and enduring, peeling back layers for such a long time afterwards. Kerry holds nothing back. She’ll tell it like it is.


I always find Kerry’s work with me produces surprising insights that would not ever have occurred to me otherwise…insights that then push me into a fresh way of thinking/feeling that keeps me alive to the new possibilities that lie ahead of me (even at the age of 85!) Then she leaves it with me, trusting that I will take what I’m ready to take in and let the remainder rest until I’m ready to grow a bit more.

I feel held in the presence of Kerry and our angels and spirit guides with no questions asked – a totally affirming experience – saying that I am truly worth something even when I’m at the lowest ebb of self –trust and belief. It’s as if I now have firm ground to start from, not a mushy, marshy swamp of yuk!

No matter what surfaces I always feel really glad that Kerry has been generous and gracious enough and un-judgemental, to take the time that she has just spent with me and all my past that she has helped me see and understand to the level I am ready to do so.


When speaking in public, Kerry’s personality attracts  quite a crowd. With amazing ease and clarity she can tune into other people, living ones and those who passed, and translate spiritual perceptions into body language and understandable everyday words. Both when giving her talks, as well as when responding to audience questions, her words are very much to the point and characterized by refreshing down to earth language. There is no beating around the bush. If you want to get to the core of the matter, go and hear what Kerry has to say!

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