Online Reading

Online Readings

How to Order an Online Reading

Step 1: Choose the length of your reading. Choose from a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute
online reading. See rates.

Step 2: All payments must be made at the time of booking via Paypal. You may use
your credit card or debit card through Paypal. A Paypal account is not
required to process payments via Paypal.

Step 3: When you receive your receipt by e-mail, simply reply with your
question(s) for Kerry and you will receive your reading by email. Kerry will
answer as many of your questions within the time allowed and let you know
where you are in queue.

Note: See “General Guidelines” below to discern how many questions can be asked
in an online reading. Also, please read the other instructions below carefully to know
what information  you must include in your on line request.

What Information to Include in Your Online Request

For All Readings – Kerry will need your first and last name, the city you currently reside in and your age.

If you are asking about someone else Kerry will need their first and last name, the city they reside in and age (gender also). Also include type of relationship you have with them (i.e.: mother, sister, friend, co-worker, ex-spouse…).

Be as specific as possible with all questions – vague questions beget vague answers.

Guidelines For Online Readings

15 minute readings are usually reserved for repeat clientele whom have already had a one hour session with Kerry and require some clarification regarding one question only.  For those wanting to just check in with a passed over loved one or pet, a 15 minute reading may be appropriate. No in-depth questions will be addressed in a 15 minute reading.

30 minute readings are also usually reserved for those that have already worked with Kerry and require clarity on 1 or 2 questions. Be aware of adding sub questions to main questions. No in-depth questions be covered in 30 minutes.

For 45 to 60 minutes reading you may include 1 to 3 questions,and Kerry will answer as many as possible in the time allotted. Please list your questions according to priority as they will be addressed one question at a time starting with question # 1 and move on to # 2 etc… Be aware of adding sub questions to main questions. Once again, it depends on questions asked and depth of answer required. It is quite easy to spend an entire hour on one question as you are a vast ecosystem and all areas of your life affect the others – thus a single question will usually extend into all areas of your life.

Work or Career Questions

For work inquires, please include your current position and company name and city. If you are seeking a new job or career path and would like to query about what is best for you, then include some types of jobs that interest you and Kerry will scan to see how they fit best with your current flow and soul desires.  Guides usually will not tell you what to do because it interferes with your free will. Rather they will steer you in a direction to help you make decisions about career/work related areas and tell you where your strengths and gifts lay.

Questions about Passed Over Loved Ones

If asking about a passed over person, please include their first and last name, the city they resided in when they passed over and the year in which they passed (or the age they were when they passed) . Also include the type of relationship you had (i.e.: mother, sister, friend, co-worker…) with them.

Health Related Questions

For health inquires, please state if you have something specific you’d like addressed or Kerry will have to scan your whole system for energetic imbalances, which takes a much longer amount of time. Include any current illness/diseases you’d like addressed. These intuitive readings are not meant to replace medical advice.

Property or Relocation Questions

If you are asking about property, give address and city, so Kerry can zero in on the exact energy and relate how that location is affecting you (or will affect you).

For relocation questions, please include a list of potential cities, countries…as its would be very time consuming to scan the whole planet for a suitable place to reside.

Pet Readings

For pet readings, include pet name and type of animal (i.e.: dog, cat, horse…), gender, and whether they are passed over or alive. Remember to include your full name and the city, state/province and country you live in.

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Feedback From Clients

Pain Relief

“I called Kerry with severe abdominal pain. During the reading I discovered it was due to emotional and mental pain and anguish. By the end I was feeling so much better. I haven’t felt any pain since we talked. Thank you from all parts of me!”


Christine, Penticton, BC, Canada

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