Mystery School Teachings for Enlightenment Workshop Intensive

Cost: $40.00

Without Knowing Who You Are and Why You Are, life has no meaning. Join Kerry as she outlines the Egyptian Mystery School Teachings that Christ himself studied. This 4-level, 28-year course was for high-initiates, priestess and other adepts. Kerry has been training in this self-taught program for 23 years now. She will share the highlights and methodology of this incredible enlightenment protocol and show you how to simplify a program for your own journey.

Mystery School Teachings 3-hour introduction, is teachings about the endless levels of reality but focussing on the 4 levels outlined below and which are discussed in more length in Kerry’s book, Spirit Talk. There are endless levels of reality and these 4 open the doors to the infinite potential that You Are.

Because everyones journey is unique, Kerry’s workshops are tailored for the individual and group needs.

The Levels covered are:

1)   The Literal Level – Also called Knowing Yourself – The first layer of reality and delving into your physical, emotional, mental/beliefs, spirit/soul levels. How to uncover and work with these parts of self. Understanding the current paradigm you live in – including plants, animals, the elements and other people and how to use them for your personal growth. Also includes the reality of your energetic nature, chakra’s, past lives, future lives, soul’s mission and contracts. How to use prayer, ceremony, ritual and meditation in your daily routine.

2)  The Symbolic Level – Also called Knowing Your Symbols– The deeper meaning behind all things in your life – expanding your awareness into the next layer of reality. Perhaps the most eye-opening level of reality that surrounds you all during the day and all during the night in the dream time. Helps you understand the messages from your higher self, guides, angels and translating this guidance on a daily basis. Helps you realize you are truly never alone and always supported.

3)  The Irrational Level – Also called Knowing Who You Are Not – This level of reality is about the duality of the earth plane and the duality that exists within you. The dynamic tension of yin and yang that holds all things together. It is the irrational level of the teachings and can be challenging to grasp at first, but once mastered, others begin to mirror Who You Are Not. This allows you to become less attached to others outcomes, as well as your own. It allows you more peace of mind when you understand duality and how you can hold two opposing beliefs within yourself and become lovingly detached things, people and circumstances. Really lets you discern what is yours and what belongs to others = FREEDOM!

4)   The Creators Level – Also known as Knowing Your Creator – Wow, this is getting into the deepest level, where the Universal laws and principals apply. What this laws are and how to apply them in your life. Getting into issues of trust, faith, hope and knowing. Truly knowing Your God and the benevolent loving Universe. Seeing through the eyes of Creator and seeing Creators hand in every act in your life; in those around you and on the planet in general. It doesn’t get any more empowering than this when you begin to see through the eyes of this layer of reality.

That is the just the outline for the workshop. This workshop is about delving inwards and stretching your awareness of yourself and the world around you. Knowing all these things is a lifelong process, but the workshop is meant to give you the tools to achieve Enlightenment. It is going to be a jam packed workshop.

These Mystery School Teachings are the same teaching Christ schooled in in Egypt (but in those days it was a 28 year program (7 years per level!).

I guarantee it will be an eye-opening workshop as you begin to get to know yourself at ALL levels of your being (including your intuition and higher self) – and then going deeper and deeper until you stretch yourself (awareness) out into the cosmos and the unseen realms (angels, spirit guides, past lives), to your soul contracts and purpose and to Your God.


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