Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides

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Feedback from Listeners

“I never get tired of letting Kerry Palframan’s Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides CD take me on a spiritual journey. Listening to Kerry’s soft voice and the soothing background music for an hour once or twice a week is like taking a mini-vacation. When I’m emotionally tired or stressed, the guided journey takes me to a place of comfort and relaxation. The amazing thing is that the experience is different each time, so I always learn something new about my spirit guides or about myself. When I’m physically tired, the CD often lulls me to sleep! Either way, when the journey is over I feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides has become an important part of my routine, and I wouldn’t be without it. I just hope Kerry records more CDs in the future – I’d like a have a whole collection.”
Linda Jenkins, Ottawa, Ontario

“Thank you for doing this CD.  It has been very helpful to me.  The images and symbols that have been coming to me amaze me.  I have been listening to your CD at night before going to bed.  I find it relaxes me and my mind is at a state of openness at this time of the day.  I have had some wonderful experiences and dreams that are really helping me through this tough time.  I have a long way to go, but I feel closer to my guides now thanks to you.”
Laurie Malone, Ottawa, Ontario

“I just want to let you know what an amazing experience I had listening to your guided meditation CD Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides.  I was extremely relaxed and found it so easy to trust your guidance.  My guide showed himself (it definitely was a male presence) as a beautiful glowing white figure.  His advice was to trust the path I am on and to know he is here to help me at all times.  I could not get a name at the time so I did not pressure myself to try harder.  However, I asked how I would know when he was present and I immediately got a very warm feeling in my upper chest.  The next day as I was driving into Ottawa I asked the guide if he was there and got that same feeling in an instant.  The most amazing thing is though, I suddenly knew that this is Michael the Archangel.  I can’t tell you how confident and loved this makes me feel. Thank you so much for creating this amazing vehicle.”
Rose-Lynne MacDougal, Kemptville, Ontario

“The first time I listened to Kerry’s C.D., I became aware of an angelic figure standing in the distance, observing my thoughts, affirming what I had recently come to believe is my new spiritual path in this life.  On the next two occasions of listening, I felt a strong spiritual presence which provided me with messages. I am enthralled by the feelings of peace, love and guidance the C.D. promotes in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Thank you, Kerry!”
M. MacMartin, Kingston, Ontario

“I found Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides to be a gentle guide for my personal journey. Kerry voice is soothing and accompanied by supportive music which allowed me to relax and travel with my spirit guides. I highly recommend this CD for the opportunity to participate in relaxation and to explore realms beyond this ordinary reality.”
G.G., North Bay, Ontario

“I’m just back from my journey using your guided meditation, Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides. I laid down and I fell asleep quite easily. All I remember is that I was breathing deeply and I opened a door. A beautiful garden came into view. A Brother (monk) was there carrying a basket. I followed him and as he turned he became a horse. I smiled. The horse took off at the gallop. Another 4 horses came running fast but not out of control. Just so powerful and calm. The name I got was Freedom. I hugged the big nose of the horse and said bye. I had no idea how I got there but I felt fully refreshed and happy. I know this to mean that I am the horse with power, calmness and freedom but not out of control. This is so helpful. Thank you so much and I’ll recommend this CD to my customers, yoga instructor and friends.”
Johanne Mercier, Seeley’s Bay, Ontario

“I was recently given a great gift and comforting CD called Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides by Kerry Palframan. Since then I  have had many wonderful opportunities to participate in some very important spiritual journeys. Kerry’s soothing voice and knowledgeable direction along with the beautiful flute music being played by Michael Irvine enhanced my journey. Each time I have listened to the CD the experience has been quite different.  I allow myself to be open to whatever place I am guided to at that particular time.  Let go and let God.”
M. Duda, Kingston, Ontario

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