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Mastering Self-Love Notes & Homework

• Self-love is the most needed vibration or expression required on planet at this time

• Self-Love is what all relationships are founded on

• Self-love is already there – just need to remove blockages/programming

• Lack of self-love is the number one issue on planet

• We all know the theory but there is a disconnect in the practicing self-love

• Overview mechanics of Creation – law of attraction and reflection (mirroring)

• All things created in 3rd party – person, animal, event)

• You pulse out a vibe into Universe and it comes back in infinite ways for reflection (positive and negative ways)

• Ask yourself – what am I open to receive?

• Get conscious of what you pulse out (frequency) because it will be reflected back at you

• What you do in relationships is, instead of connecting with Source/Creator energy, you try and get it from another person…which is impossible

• I.e.: when you are “in love with another” you are actually open to Source energy and mistaking it as getting love from another

• Solution? You must deal with own inner stuff and learn to connect with yourself (body, emotions, mind and spirit). Consider ordering Kerry’s book Spirit Talk as it delves deeply at looking into the 4 levels of self (mind, body, emotions and spirit).

• Know Thyself is the fundamental teaching in all practices (it’s in Kerry’s book)

• If you love yourself, therefore you will be linked to Source energy and everyone becomes your soul mate, but will also pull in a partner who is also connected to Source and then you can share your journey.

Mastering Self-Love Homework

1) To experience Source energy (love), simply think of something that makes you smile? Babies, animals, baby animals, nature, a special place. Why? Because this allows you to feel and experience unconditional love. It feels safe, nurturing and protective. In the moment you feel this; you open to and connect with Source energy. You must feel love – you cannot think love. Your mind won’t get there because it holds programs of illusions of separation – so you can’t get love through the mind. Self-love is already instilled in the DNA of your body. Therefore it’s as easy to access as doing this simple exercise.

2) Spend 30 minutes a day with yourself. Turn off your phone and all distractions and call it devotional time. If you don’t think you have time to practice self-love and give 30 minutes a day to yourself you are wrong. This exercise will actually free up your time. It’s akin to defragging your computer. It doesn’t matter what you do during your appointment, as long as you show up. It sends a message to every cell in your body that you care! Just show up with conscious awareness and begin to observe what is going on in your body (pay attention to aches, pains or areas that hold joy…etc.). Pay attention to your feelings. All emotions are noble worthy parts of you. Please don’t close the door on them because of programming which tells you which ones are right or wrong. Pay attention to your thoughts. In the absence of thought and feeling, there is no learning or healing! See Kerry’s mp3 download on Releasing Emotional Blockages and Successful Secrets of Meditation for additional assistance.

3) Be mindful of the way you talk to yourself in your inner reality (in your head/thoughts). This can be done anywhere, anytime as your mind is the filter (programming) that runs 24/7. This can be one of the most powerful tools to use to change your reality. And it’s free! Just pay attention to the way your mind talks to you and to your emotions and the way it makes observations about the world around you. This exercise will help you become aware of your programming and offers you the opportunity to change your mind (thinking, thoughts, beliefs and programming). It also allows you to witness the dialogue between your thoughts and your feelings.

4) Write a list of things you appreciate about yourself. What qualities you are grateful for? Pretend it’s a friend(s) telling you what they admire about you. This is like writing a love letter to you. It’s a powerful tool to show you where you may be blocked or in resistance. Notice if this is easy or difficult for you to do. Pick one quality on your list and focus on it for 10 minutes a day for one week. Because the law of attraction and reflection is always working in your life, the quality you choose to focus on will get mirrored back at you!

5) List 3 things you do out of obligation. Think about saying no to it and how does that feel? Think about saying yes to it and how it feels. If it brings you some love or joy, then say yes. If it does not, say no or re-frame how it looks (give yourself an attitude adjustment and enter the situation in a new frame of mind). This exercise is necessary as people are becoming energetically bankrupt (tired, drained, burnt out…etc.) because they keep saying yes to obligations. This exercise shows you how you are using your energy. Since time is quite literally compressing – what used to be a 24 hour day is now more like 6 to 8 hours – this exercise if vital to help you adjust to the new frequencies at play on the planet and in your life.

6) List 3 things you would like to do, create or have. Then list all the reasons you can’t have it. This shows you what your limiting thoughts are. For example, if you can’t do it because you don’t have the money – you need to ask yourself (and list) what money represents to you? Freedom, energy, safety, security? When you maintain a lower frequency of “I can’t have it” therefore you receive this signal/pulse back. Therefore, the trick is to maintain a new frequency. Use your creative imagination as this is safe for mind to do this, and imagine what it feels like to be safe, free, full of energy and secure (these are some of the more common elements or the essence of what money represents to many). This exercise shows you limiting beliefs and how to focus on the essence of the things you’d like to manifest in your life (not the thing itself – but the quality and essence of it.)

Enjoy the Self-Love journey!

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