Intuitive Readings Workshop

Cost: $80.00


Join Kerry in this workshop where she steps into your shoes and “becomes” you and experiences your thoughts, feelings and everything about you just as you do (all the way out to your soul!).

Because of this unique gift, Kerry is able to bring forth information from your higher-self, guides and angels on any topic you desire.

Ask anything you like including: passed over loved ones; relationships; soul’s purpose; career; health; finances; pets; messages from your guides; how to move forward; past lives; soul contracts; karmic patterns or worldly questions about the planet (or off-planet, such as what happens in the soul world!).

Kerry is also able to stand in someone else’s shoes and let you know their perspective on life; including the way they think and feel about you.

Be prepared for some truly remarkable insights!

You may record your answers only or bring pen and paper to take notes.

Limited seating for this workshop.

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