How To Strengthen Your Intuition And Psychic Powers

Most people are conflicted about their intuitive side and question whether it is functioning properly. Many have difficulty discerning their unique way of intuiting – and everyone has intuition because that is the function of your 6th chakra (3rd eye).

Because society has placed so much emphasis on the mind and the logical aspect of ourselves, many people doubt their senses and have trouble trusting incoming intuitive guidance.

Everyone has an intuitive side and your senses are bringing you information 24/7. Learning to listen to both sides of the story (the incoming messages you are receiving from your mind and your senses) is what this workshop will teach you.

You will easily recognize how your intuition works  as Kerry clearly outlines all the ways in which the 3rd eye functions. This allows you to recognize how you are receiving intuitive and psychic information.

Kerry teaches you how to build on your current strengths and learn to trust your intuitive messages.

Also covered in this workshop are: clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; claircognisance or knowing; clear smelling; clear tasting; clairpsychometry (picking up info from objects).

Kerry discusses the many ways in which you may be blocking or suppressing your intuition and shows you methodologies for unblocking and then strengthening your intuition and psychic powers.

Everyone has “inner voices” and this workshop helps you distinguish what your rational mind voice sounds like compared to your intuitive voice. They are quite different and most people find this an eye-opening and helpful tool for learning to trust what they are experiencing.

Kerry also discusses the ever popular question “Am I just making it up?”  and “What is real and what is imagined?”. Both are covered in depth and in an invaluable tool for helping you learn to trust what your senses are telling you.

This workshop is a must if you are struggling with trusting your intuition or just not recognizing how yours functions. You will know how you are receiving your intuitive information from this workshop and begin the process of trusting this built-in divine guidance system of yours! Length: 1 hour, 25 minutes.

A good companion to this workshop would be the guided mediation journey to meet with your intuitive self and the Kerry’s booklet on Intuition and Psychic Powers (available in Kerry’s store).


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