How To Center and Know Your Own Truth
How To Center and Know Your Own Truth
This guided journey can be done anytime and anywhere. It will help you get into the present moment and into the center of yourself. Once in this center you will be able to discern your own truth. This gives you a clear place in which to hear your own wisdom. This is a place to make decisions when feeling conflicted. This is the place to comfortable with Who You Are. This also helps you create a stronger aura and healthier boundaries. Music by: Lon Loucks Time: 20 minutes

 What People are Saying about this Meditation

“I just did this guided journey and I’ve never done one quite like this and found it was a quite unique. It did get me to a place of deep centering and understanding of my truth and power. The reflection helped me look into my life and the items I love in my life. It also made me feel very safe, secure, loved and more receptive and open to my spiritual guides. Thank you.”
K. Vanmerlin, Baltimore, USA


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