Host Your Own Workshop and Choose The Topic

Now you can organize a workshop and choose the topic. Gather a minimum 5 friends (6 with hostess) and Kerry will teach any topic of your choosing. This can be done in-person, in your home, or via Skype or Facebook (with all your friends gathered in your home in front of computer).

*The hostess or organizer gets a free 1/2 hour online reading for arranging the workshop.

You can choose from any of these workshop or ask about creating a new topic of interest:

3-Hour Workshop Topics:

Intuitive Reading Workshop Ideas and Topics:

Choose from one of the topics listed below; or choose a category of your own or combine any number of topics in one class.

• Ancient Civilizations
• Angels and Spirit Guides – Ask any questions of your angels and spirit guides. Receive answers.

Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Rage, Depression, Sadness – What do I do with these emotions?
• Animal Guides and Pets – Who are my animal guides and how do I work with them?

  • Questions about current pets or passed over pets

• Aspirations, Goals, Happiness – Clarify what yours are and how to achieve them
• Balance, Harmony, Peace – How to restore order from chaos
• Career, Jobs and Work – What type of career am I best suited for? How do I transition into a new career? Why am I not fulfilled in my current job?
• Chakras – What’s going on in each of my chakras? Blockages and how to improve flow

• Conflict Resolution – Any and all relationship that you would like to know the roots of conflicts and how to resolve

• Death – Discussion about the other side and what happens there
• Destiny, Life Purpose and Mission – What your soul desired to achieve in this life
• Dimensions – Explore what life is like in other worlds and dimensions
• Dreams – What do my dreams mean? Why do I have this recurring dream and what’s its message?

• Emotional Blockages – Where you are blocked and how to heal, release, change, shift or transmute
• Empowerment – How to achieve your personal power
• Energy Loss – Why am I loosing energy and how do I stop this

• Famous People – Alive or passed over. What is their experience like? If passed over – where are they now?
• Fears and Phobias – The roots of and ideas for resolution
• Finances, Wealth Prosperity and Abundance – How to create financial prosperity and abundance. Why am I not currently creating it?

• Grounding, Centering and Alignment – Why am I not experiencing these states and how do I achieve them?

• Health Concerns – Diseases, illnesses, aches, pains. What are roots and how to improve and heal

• Intuition – Your unique way of receiving intuitive information, how to access and strengthen)

• Karmic Ties – What karma am I here to work on? Do I have karmic ties with certain people

• Life Events and Their Deeper Meaning – Discover why certain events have happened in your life. The roots and how to come to terms with any wounds or scars remaining from traumatic or life altering events
• Love, Romance, Soul Mates – Why have I not met mine? Do I have a contract to meet with a soul mate? How do I find and create love and romance in my life?

• Manifesting Your Desires – What does my soul desire and how do I create it?
• Mental Chatter – Why do I have this and how do I restore peace of mind?

• Patterns – What patterns am I stuck in and how to I get out of my ruts?
• Passed Over Loved Ones – Find out where they are and what messages they have for you. Ask them questions and receive answers.
• Passion – Where has mine gone and how do I get it back?
• Parents, Children, Friends and Co-Workers – Their viewpoints about you and your relationship with them
• Past Lives – A look at some of yours
• Peace, Joy, Happiness, Balance – How to find can create
• Personal Growth – Am I on the right path? What is my next step? How do I open to new opportunities?

• Relationships with Self and Others – How to heal relationships with others or create wholeness in self
• Roots of Illnesses and Diseases – Why do I have this illness or disease and what are steps to healing

• Sacred Name Meaning – What characteristics does my name mean? How does changing my name change my vibration and life’s course/destiny?
• Self Love – Why don’t I love myself? Where am I stuck? What are the steps I need to take to love myself?
• Signs, Signals, Symbols, Omens, Coincidences and Synchronicity – What do they mean?
• Soul World – What happens when we die? Where are our loved ones?
• Spirit Name – What other names have I been know by?
• Strengths, Gifts and Talents – What are mine and how do I best use them in this life?
• Surrender – Why am I stuck? How do I let go?

• Truth – What are my truths? How do I honour them?

• Understanding the Role Family Members Play in Your Life – Contracts you have with others at the soul level
• Universal Laws and Principles – What are they and how do I work with them to make my life smoother?

• Validation – Confirm and verify your own senses and perceptions

• World Events and The Deeper Meaning – Any event from any era and why it occurred and what it means


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