Malaysian Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. Kerry’s contact with the pilot and one passenger from the missing Malaysian airliner is below.

Re: Captain Zaharie Shah, 53 of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March 21 2014)

Tapping in and he feels like a rigid personality (set in his ways may describe it better), and he is staring straight ahead…yet not seeing anything. He can hear me though and wondering who I am.

He does not seem to know where he is and his throat chakra feels completely blocked (no flow through this part of body/energy field). So his life breath has been cut off, which he seems to realize, yet he has not accustomed himself to this new reality yet.

We take some deep breaths into his energy body to help bring flow and clarity. Now he feels dizzy and more confused. He cannot see anything despite the fact that his eyes are open, yet he does sense things (for he can hear us and feel us – the collective presence of Kerry and her guides plus his guides).

We explain that he has disappeared in a plane incident in which he was piloting. He is trying to connect the dots of what we are saying to his current experience. He is being rational and is curious to know more. We can feel the presence of his guides behind him energetically, so we turn his attention to this vibration.

As soon as he turns around his heart crunches up in congestion and pain as feelings well up inside of him and he feels like he could cry (but he is holding in the emotional pain – holding it in heart chakra). When we turn him around he becomes aware of the other side (aware that he is not alive as he once was in a physical body).

This brings the feelings of grief to him and his heart hurts more and his face scrunches up in pain (emotional pain). Although the vibration of the other side is of no threat to him (and actually feels quite comforting), he is too shocked to realize that he could step into the comfort zone.  Heart and throat both closed energetically cutting off the flow.

He is now feeling distressed so we will take a moment to chat with him and help him calm down. He feels quite shaken as he tries to piece together the fact that he has passed over from the physical. It’s not what he was expecting (to die or be on the other side).

We get him to turn back around and look at the other side again (for he quickly turned away from the other side despite its pleasant vibration). Again he chokes up and feels distress but we hold loving space for him to adjust to frequency. He is starting to cry, which is favorable  as this will get the flow going in his system (like flushing a blocked toilet).

He is sobbing, so we will allow him to express through Kerry and let this trapped emotional energy out (which is very healing for him). This is not unusual for people to grieve their own passing and he will eventually transition through this part of his new experience.

He is torn between looking back at Earth plane and his life as Zaharie and the frequency of this new place (which he can feel is benevolent, yet so new). He will need time (despite the fact that there is no time or space where he is…he still perceives time), to adjust – so we will let him go for now as his head is down in grief and disbelief.

At least he now knows and can begin to transition more quickly towards his oversoul and merging with it. He is now just back to staring ahead and is in shock. That is ok.  He will be fine. He just needs to adjust to his new experience.

He has lots of guides around him and ancestors – all are holding loving space for him when he is ready to step forward into their world. That is it for now.

We will check in on him later to assure he is ok as he seems to like our presence (it brings some reassurance and comfort to him).

With Love and Blessings
Kerry and The Guides

Note: There has been much speculation that this flight was purposely diverted and crashed due to a  number of important scientist on board. There has also been talk that all the passengers where safely removed from the plane by benevolent Galactic Beings and that they will one day be allowed to return to Earth to assist with our ascension process.

But that they are currently being held in a safe place. I did not know of any of this info when I did these readings (I did readings shortly after the crash). I can say that both were not clear on what had happened to them and found themselves in unfamiliar territory. I can also let you know I find it difficult “dead” from “alive” energy because you are an energetic Being whether alive or dead.

But both these fellows I did readings on were confused or disoriented and when you read below, the passenger was not even “reachable”, such was his state of “protection”.
 Re: Philip Wood, age 50, from Texas, works for IBM, was on flight 370 Malaysia. (March 19 2014)

 I tapped into Philip Wood and found him in a very sleepy state. Dormant may describe it better.  Translating the feel of this does not look favorable for life.  In other words, he is either in a coma, or has passed away.

His energy is too still, feels cushioned or cocooned (which is often how it feels after someone has suffered a shock after death and the guides shield them in this safe “cocoon-like” place).  Not favorable that he is alive.

If he is still embodied, then I’d say he is sound asleep, in a coma or in such a state of shock that he is unresponsive.

 I found it difficult to communicate with him due to the thickness in his energy field (which feels like he is being shielded or cocooned by the guides).

 Not getting any other info about location of his body.  It feels like he is in a transition state.  That’s what I’m picking up.

Note: The only time I feel people so cocooned in such a state is when they have a traumatic passing such as a suicide or shocking death. I am often not allowed to communicate with people being held in such a “cushioned” state and that was the case with this fellow at the time I did reading on him.

And when I do follow ups on people once held in a “cocoon state”, I usually find they have transitioned into a different space or consciousness. Everything is in constant flux on the planet and off, so all things come to shift, change and transition in the after life as well. Or in this case…if they are still alive in a different dimension…they will continually adjust their awareness and consciousness to their individual realities.

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