Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge and how do I pay?


Online Email Readings Telephone/Skype/Face Time
15 minutes – $100.00
30 minutes – $200.00
45 minutes – $300.00
60 minutes – $400.00
45 minutes – $300.00
60 minutes – $400.00
75 minutes – $500.00
90 minutes – $600.00
Mentoring Program
4 one hour sessions – $1400.00

All payments must be made at the time of booking via Paypal. You may use your credit card or debit card through Paypal.  A Paypal account is not required to process payments via Paypal.

How do I set up an appointment?

For telephone or Skype click on the appropriate link. You will be shown Kerry’s availability on a calendar. Simply choose your time slot and follow directions. Please note: All times are Pacific Time Zone. We do alter our clocks in the spring and fall, so please be sure to check the difference in time from your location. If you need assistance in calculating the time difference, please visit This Link. Kerry is located the Vancouver, BC, Canada time zone.

You do not require an appointment for an Online Reading. Simply choose length of reading and follow directions.

Is the session recorded?

Only telephone/Skype sessions are recorded. An electronic file (mp3 format) is emailed to you usually the same day or with within 1 to 2 days of the session. The recording is included in the price of the session. You may wish to record it on your end as well in case anything happens to the recording at this end.

Online reading requests are written out and answered by email.

Where do you do readings?

Currently all sessions and readings are done over the telephone, Skype, Face Time or by online email format. One hour sessions are generally recommended for first time clients as there is usually a lot of ground to cover. 15 to 30 minute readings are reserved for people who have worked with Kerry before and have only one question they’d like clarity on. NO in-depth questions can be answered in 15 or 30 minutes, so please do not choose this option if it is your first time working with Kerry. The only exception to this guideline is if you’d like to check in and see how a passed over loved one is doing and receive a message or if you’d like to ask a question about how a pet is doing.

Do I call you?

Yes. You will be given the appropriate number to call upon confirmation of your appointment. You are responsible for all long distance charges incurred.

Can I use Skype or Face Time?

Many clients prefer using Skype or Face Time so they have a visual connection with Kerry. Sometimes Skype and Face Time can break up or drop out, in which case be prepared to continue the session by telephone.  A back-up telephone number will be provided and you are responsible for all long distance charges incurred.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Please prepare written questions in advance of your session and written in order of priority. The more specific your questions, the more detailed answers you tend to get. It is very easy to get off track once you get started, so a list is helpful to insure all your questions get answered.

Because we have free will and our angels, guides and celestial friends can’t interfere with that, when you ask questions, you give them the green light to give you information on that topic. That is why being specific and asking for assistance is so important.

There are no questions that are off limits. Many times people want confirmation and validation on what is going on in their lives, usually in the area of relationships, health, love, emotions, root causes of problems/issues, past lives, money, passed over loved ones, enlightenment pathways, blockages, karmic contracts, intuitive powers, pets, and career.

But remember, questions on the nature of the universe often help you gain a greater understanding of yourself, so don’t be shy about asking worldly questions!

Where Do You Get The Information From?

Some people call me a channel but everyone on the planet channels, so it’s not really an appropriate term for me. Traditional channellers stand aside and let Celestial Beings talk through them (deep trance channels). Although I can do this, I prefer to translate what information they would like you to know.

I receive information in a myriad of ways, but generally I see, sense, hear, feel, smell, taste and experience the guides and you on all levels of your Being.

To be clear, I connect with your energy field and actually become you! I experience what your physical body feels like and at this level I can shift and change energies or gather data about your physical body. Note: Medical intuitive advice is NOT meant to replace your medical physicians advice.

I also become your emotional body and can feel and experience your emotions and what you feel. At the emotional levels I can shift energies which can be very healing in nature and produce dramatic and immediate results.

At your mental level (attitudes, thoughts, belief systems etc.), I experience your thoughts and discern patterns that have been created throughout this lifetime and past lives. I cannot manipulate or change energy at this level but your higher self and guides will step forward and explain how you can alter your patterns. I can also communicate with your mental aspects of self and give you the information that you may not be able to hear or discern on your own.

At your soul level, I can experience and become your soul and ask any question you may have at this level of your Being. I also do soul retrieval work and look at soul contracts, soul purposes, karmic ties, soul families, soul pods, Akashic records etc. at this level

Depending on the topic, the appropriate guide, angel or Celestial Being from anywhere in the Universe will come through. I do an opening prayer and intent that invites in only Beings of the Light and those in alignment with the Creator of this Universe.

I invite in my guides as well as yours. There are a vast amount of Beings (beyond human comprehension) that will step forward to assist, and I translate their messages – which come in a myriad of forms depending on how they choose to communicate with you through me. It is different for each person.

I.e.: I receive visual, auditory, sensory, olfactory, kinesthetic, and physical types of information. I also receive vibrational data which is a bit hard to explain but in essence I experience and actually become the swirl of particles at the quantum level. This is where the code language of the Universe is stored and why I can access information from any part you or of the Universe. I have learned to translate this encoded/cryptic data.

Do you remember the information in a reading or session?

I will remember for a few minute after the session but then it fades away and there is no reason for me to retain your data. I will continue to process your energy through my body and energy field for hours after a session has ended. In this way, you are actually receiving continued healing work, long after the session is over.

If we work together again in the future, it is like picking up the CD data disc of Who You Are and reading it again.

How often do I need a session?

Unless you are interested in the Mentoring Program, most people find they get enough data and homework in a one hour session to last a year or two (or even up to 5 years!). It all depends on your willingness to work through your levels and layers of healing. For this is a healing modality and because it is recorded (or written out), you will find that you can stretch the information and learning curve over the course of a year by listening to, or reading, the material again and again.

Each time you review your material you will discern different information that you may have missed the first time or you will have changed your vibrational state enough to see deeper levels of yourself.

Will you tell me my future?

You are creating your future with your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Nothing is set in stone about your future. Although there are certain time-lines set in place that cannot be changed.

I can scan ahead and see where you are likely to go based on the given patterns you are currently emitting. This is similar to a weather forecaster who is able to tract the path of hurricane and predict its course.

I can let you know if the path is helping or hindering your progress and what needs to be shifted or changed in your life in order to change your future.

I also do time lines, which are very accurate, to let you know when you can expect shifts in your life to occur.

Rather than give you a list of probable future realities, the guides tend to help you learn to create reality for yourself with a teaching. They help you to see what may be blocking you from creating your chosen reality. It is always their desire to help empower you to create your own reality.