How To Protect Your Aura & Grounding Workshop

Feeling in need of protection? Sensing negativity? Needing healthier, stronger boundaries? Feeling ungrounded, disconnected from your spirit or soul’s purpose? Having trouble discerning your own truth? Experiencing excessive mental chatter or feelings of insecurity?

This workshop will clearly show you how to shift and change all these and step back into your centre and your power!

Kerry identifies how to get into the present moment and be in the now; and explains how to discern the difference between feeling grounded versus feeling ungrounded.

When you reconnect with the earth, and become grounded, you can open the doors to the spirit realm and your Higher Self! In this way, a whole new world opens up to you and you can hear your own inner wisdom and intuitive guidance more clearly!

Kerry explains how to do this and you will be given a variety of simply tools to practice, and tons of grounding suggestion, so that you can choose which ones resonate most with you and your lifestyle. Kerry also clearly outlines how to simply identify the factors that can cause a disconnection from your spirit.

Many people are very sensitive and prone to picking up other people’s energy or emotions. In this empowering workshop, Kerry will help you identify what is your energy and what belongs to others, and also how to shield yourself from negative people, places and events. She will give you important tools to help you strengthen your auric field (your psychic skin), with step-by-step instructions.

Sure to empower and strengthen you – this workshop is a must for anyone seeking to connect more closely to spirit, and/or to stop losing energy to others, to negative environments and to emotional overwhelm.

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes.

A good companion for this workshop is Kerry’s guided meditation journeys on How To Centre and Know Your Own Truth and Complete Grounding And Alignment. Both are powerful tools for grounding and getting into your centre and your truth. Both are available in Kerry’s store.



 What People are saying about this Workshop

 “I am feeling grounded and spun up at the same time after watching this Grounding and Aura Protection presentation. I’m very excited about the new concepts this workshop presented to me. Talking to my emotions and using the words ” beloved  ” to address myself. Oh wow! This is very powerful and helpful! My big news is I’ve seen my aura for the first time. That “strange light” has been popping up and it’s awesome! Gratitude Kerry….gratitude!”
Alun Kendrick,  Cardiff, Wales


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