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Opportunity In Disguise

Everything that happens in your life is an opportunity but very few people have been raised to realize this and they see hardships, challenges and blockages as obstacles instead of opportunities.

For example, many a time I have worked with clients who have blocked (congested) heart chakras. I could go in and completely remove the blockage or congestion but if I did, they would go into overwhelm and be in a worse situation.

Many think their blockages are bad or wrong and they just want to get rid of it. But they are there for a reason and it is usually for protection and safety reasons and needs to be slowly unblocked, one chuck at a time.

This is the opportunity in disguise. You think something needs to be gone or that it’s impeding your journey (and it is, but for a reason). In fact it is an opportunity for you to observe and sift through in order to discern Your Truth and to Know Yourself at a deeper level.

Blockages, delays, illnesses, emotional upheavals, mind rants…etc are all meant to be shifted through with one insight at a time. Creator will only give you as much info to process at any one time that you can comfortably digest.

That process of receiving information about yourself, your journey, the bumps-in-the-road, your soul’s purpose…etc are all coming at you faster than ever.

So if you are feeling extremes in emotions or conflict within the mind it is because of the amount of information that is coming to the surface for you to review.

It can create confusion, overwhelm, fear, worry, anxiety and more, especially if you do not have the tools to know how to move through the insights you receive about yourself. If you do not know how to work within your own inner reality and consciously co-create your life, you are going to run into some bumpy roads.

I mention this because February 2014 is going to open you up even more and bring you even more opportunities to Know Yourself than ever before.

And this theme is continuing for this year and beyond as the whole Universe, the planet and you keep expanding.

There is no escaping this opening and expansion process so I hope you are all doing your inner homework and being mindful of how you talk to yourself inside your head (yes we all do it) and how you relate to the emotions you feel throughout the day.

Just these observations alone can serve you very well during this transitional time in your life and on the planet.

Remember, you can only digest so much information at one time. So take a little bite everyday by sitting quietly and listening to your thoughts instead of pushing them away. After all, your thoughts are simply trying to get your attention, so pay attention – make notes and have a conversation with your thoughts.

And have a chat with your emotions too! Why push them away (because someone taught you it was a bad, wrong or negative feeling)? Your emotions are your guidance system in life and will always lead you in the right direction.

Even if it’s an emotion you do not like, such as anger, you will find that it shows up for a reason. And anger is one of your greatest protectors and allies. How can that be? Because anger steps forward to protect some part of you that is sad, hurt, wounded or feeling neglected. Have a look and you will find your anger is a noble, worthy part of yourself and a great energy to help move you forward in your life, offering you protection and helping you restore something in your life.

For more information on how to work in your inner reality, with your thoughts and with your emotions, consider some of my mp3 teachings on The Successful Secrets of Mediation and Releasing Emotional Blockage. And I just created an mp3 teaching especially for this month called Tips on Working in Your Inner Reality. It is on special this month!

These teachings will give you the much needed tools required to navigate and surf through the month of February 2014 and beyond.



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Kerry explains her unique reading style. (Length – 1:49 min.)

Each one of us is born with gifts that our soul longs to share with humanity. Do you know what yours are?

I have a special gift; I step into your  shoes and experience your thoughts and feelings just the way you do and everything about you – to the core of your soul.

As a teacher, healer and mentor, it gives me the greatest joy to help you to find your place in the world. Teaching you how to get to that private space that is solely yours to experience – so that you may cultivate a lifetime of happiness.

You can:

  • Attend a talk. As a speaker, I connect with the group’s energy and tailor the teaching to the needs of the group.

  • Attend a workshop. As a facilitator, I guide you from your unique perspective and higher-self.

  • Book a private session or mentoring program. Let me step into your shoes and experience your reality (or anyone you ask about).

You Will Experience First Hand:

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  • Once and for all why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life.
  • How to get up close and personal with your relationships – with                       yourself, others (alive or passed over), pets, habits, behaviours – and how to heal the unhealthy ones.
  • How to see the deepest levels of your soul and subconscious where the programs are running, and allow me to redirect and balance the energy to a healthier expression.
  • Connection to your soul where you can give me permission to clear out blocked energy that is holding you back from having the life and relationships you truly desire. This includes the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself and your ability to achieve self-love.
  • How the work we do together produces profound and enduring                 changes as layers continue to peel back revealing more incredible                    insights about yourself and the world around you.               

Nothing is held back as root causes are yanked to the surface for you to witness and heal. If you are willing to delve into and discover the depths of your innermost divinity; learn how to become self-directed; know and express your truth in the world; live your best life and experience the empowerment that comes with Knowing Yourself, then Kerry can help you.

You will gain deep insights into your life. I will be honoured to guide you on your amazing journey. Now that is pure joy.

Love and Blessings,

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Moved Through Fear, Doubt and Confusion

Kerry always brings clarity , compassion and concrete advice to every reading. I have been able to move through fears, doubt, confusion and heal deep wounds through work with Kerry and have developed a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and everyone in my life.  Kerry’s amazing gift has become a compass for my life for which I am eternally grateful.

Jodi, Beijing, China

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