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Mastering The Art of Self-Love

Self-love is the most needed vibration on the planet at this time. You probably already know the theory, however, what I have seen most often over the years is the disconnection between knowing the theory and applying (practicing) the art of self-love.

It is my intent to offer you some practical steps to do this (yes this is homework) in order to help you more smoothly into the flow of the 5th dimensional operating system which we are moving towards. Without some understanding of, and practicing of, self-love, you may find yourself floundering, stuck, struggling and / or buried and mired in your own deep do-do.

Just as a refresher, the mechanics of Creation work thusly: All things you create in your life operate under the law of attraction and reflection. There is you, Creator/Source and a 3rd party (could be a rock, animal, the weather or another person), which reflects back to you what you are pulsing out into the world.

Because in this earthly game of density, we could not identity frequency without the law of attraction and reflection, that is why this Trinity has been set up (you, Creator and 3rd party) to help you remember Who You Are.

Your feminine energy opens to frequency and the masculine pulsing out a vibration into the Universe. Creator’s job is to match up that frequency and pull in people, encounters and events to match that frequency. Your job is to recognize that frequency, identify it and discern what it reflects about you. Then you get to choose what you do with that information and how you would like to co-create your reality.

This is your divine opportunity to get to Know Yourself at all levels of your vast and beautiful Being and it is being presented to you non-stop, 24/7 every single day of your life. You will be triggered constantly by this principle/law of attraction and reflection. Can you see it operating in your life? Can you recognize the frequency that you are emitting and pulsing out into the Universe? And can you recognize what is reflected back at you?

For as we move more into the 5th dimension this law of attraction and reflection is speeding up, just as time is speeding up. Well, there really is no such thing as “time”, as this is a construct of man – but what used to be a 24 hour day 20 years ago, has now compressed into a 6 to 8 hour day. So you are not going crazy, things really are speeding up as we continue to move through the 50 year cycle of the Harmonic Convergence (we are about 25 years into this cycle).

Now, when it comes to love, most people would like to plug into another person (fall in love) because it feels so good. What you are doing is connecting to Source Energy when you are in love. You are attempting to connect to Source through another human being. You are not actually plugging into Source through another – you cannot. You just think you are because you are wide open and receptive when in love with another. But what is really happening is you are connected to Source yourself when you feel love of any kind (for Source is the frequency of love).

So the principles of self-love are about loving yourself and plugging into Source directly, and then you will attract in a partner that is also plugged into Source and now you have someone to share the journey with. Otherwise you will attract in someone to mirror or reflect your own energy as a tool for learning (or to help you remember Who You Are).

Once you are plugged into and connected to Source, then your heart is open and overflowing with love and everyone becomes a potential “soul mate”, for you will feel love for everyone and everything.

Therefore, in order to connect with Source you must deal with your own inner stuff (issues) first before you will attract in the partner that can match that frequency (wholeness and connection to Source).

Here are some simple exercises to help you on the journey to self-love by looking at the root causes of your own issues (such issues as: safety, security, abandonment, control, worthiness…and the list goes on). There are many more exercises, but these will get you started!

1. Close your eyes. Think of something that makes you smile. Start with the feeling. Feel love. (This will connect you to Source/Creator immediately). Animals, babies and nature are naturally encoded in our DNA as they offer us unconditional love – which is rarely found in another human being. Once you identify this frequency of love, remember it, and reconnect to it often in order to shift the vibe/pulse you are emitting from your energy field.

2. A) List 3 things you would like to have, do or create. List the reasons why you think you can’t have them. (This shows you your limiting thoughts and beliefs).

B. For each thing you would you like to create, describe the following: What is essence of it? What does it look like? Feel like? What does it represent to you? List the characteristics and traits of it. For example, if you chose “more money” what does money mean to you? Energy, power, freedom, safety, security…etc.? This then is the core issue/frequency that you would like to achieve – not the money but the essence, the frequency of whatever you chose to represent money. Pulse that frequency out into the world for 7 days and watch what happens! (This takes you deeper. Shows you what is underneath the desire. Changes your vibration/frequency and helps you get into alignment).

3. List 5 things you do out of obligation. Think of saying no and how does it feel. Think of saying yes and how does it feel. If it brings you some joy or love, then do it. Otherwise say no or reframe/adjust how the experience/obligation will look. (Shows you what lowers and raises your vibration. Too much low vibration will leave you energetically bankrupt).

4. Write down what you appreciate about yourself. Write a love letter to yourself. Focus on one of these qualities for 10 minutes every day for the next week. (Shifts the vibrational code/message that you pulse out to Universe).


Enjoy the journey – that is what this earth walk is all about – the journey to self-love.

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