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The saying “what goes around, comes around” is indeed true and a simple law of physics and also a Universal law and principle. It has been my experience (from doing 20+ years of hands-on healing and intuitive readings) that karma is something we always choose out of free will and is never forced upon us.

Teachings differ on whether karma is “an eye-for-an-eye” type of experience or whether it is a method for advancing oneself spiritually. Many believe you have to wait for your next life to atone and make amends for errors in this life.

I share with you this story of how karma came back and bit me in the proverbial butt instantly based on my own thoughts, words and actions.

It was 17 years ago and I was in a desperate situation in my life. After having just split up with my husband, declaring bankruptcy and being on long-term disability, I had exactly two days to find accommodations within my budget before being evicted.

In desperation I rented a bedroom from a woman who was planning to work out of province during the week.

The day after I moved in, she left, and her 25 year old son got released from prison. He decided to move into the house. He had 7 restraining orders against him from women. To say he had disdain and lack of respect for women would be an understatement.

It was a very stressful situation and environment but I put on a false face and tried to be nice to him and manage his emotions. I did everything but communicate clearly how I was really feeling.

My growing anger, resentment, hatred and fury about the situation were getting out of control and it was all pointing at him. He was wrong, he was bad, he was at fault…etc…you get the picture. I was fuming inside and not expressing any of it on the outside. All smiles and false sweetness and light, thinking this would turn him around.

One day I was festering in my dark thoughts, lost in a spiral of negativity and hatred towards him, that I got the one of the biggest lessons about karma of my life.

I was sitting in my bedroom sending this man as much hatred energy as possible. I hated him and was bloody well going to send it all his way – even if it was only with my thoughts. I mean, what harm could it do anyway?

I became grossly aware of my directed negative dark thinking pointed like a laser through the wall into his bedroom and at him. I think it was the first time I really became aware of using my anger like a purposeful weapon at the thought level – like voodoo.

Well, he responded in like but with words and actions. When I walked out of my bedroom after my “voodoo session” he blocked my passage in the hallway and threatened to kill my dog if he ever heard her nails clicking on the on the hard wood floors again.

Yikes! This was instant karma in the happening! I had purposely sent him hatred, anger and fury thoughts and he responded immediately with a death threat. Wow, did I learn the power of my thinking on that day and have been as alert as possible since then about when my mind wanders off into a spiral of negative thinking and how to shift it with grace and ease.

Remember, Karma works instantly and it works both ways. Positive begets positive and negative begets negative.

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Kerry explains her unique reading style. (Length – 1:49 min.)

Each one of us is born with gifts that our soul longs to share with humanity. Do you know what yours are?

I have a special gift; I step into your  shoes and experience your thoughts and feelings just the way you do and everything about you – to the core of your soul.

As a teacher, healer and mentor, it gives me the greatest joy to help you to find your place in the world. Teaching you how to get to that private space that is solely yours to experience – so that you may cultivate a lifetime of happiness.

You can:

  • Attend a talk. As a speaker, I connect with the group’s energy and tailor the teaching to the needs of the group.

  • Attend a workshop. As a facilitator, I guide you from your unique perspective and higher-self.

  • Book a private session or mentoring program. Let me step into your shoes and experience your reality (or anyone you ask about).

You Will Experience First Hand:

  • Confirmation without a doubt exactly what the “real” underlying                      causes for the disruptions in your life are (they may not be what you                  think!).
  • Once and for all why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life.
  • How to get up close and personal with your relationships – with                       yourself, others (alive or passed over), pets, habits, behaviours – and how to heal the unhealthy ones.
  • How to see the deepest levels of your soul and subconscious where the programs are running, and allow me to redirect and balance the energy to a healthier expression.
  • Connection to your soul where you can give me permission to clear out blocked energy that is holding you back from having the life and relationships you truly desire. This includes the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself and your ability to achieve self-love.
  • How the work we do together produces profound and enduring                 changes as layers continue to peel back revealing more incredible                    insights about yourself and the world around you.               

Nothing is held back as root causes are yanked to the surface for you to witness and heal. If you are willing to delve into and discover the depths of your innermost divinity; learn how to become self-directed; know and express your truth in the world; live your best life and experience the empowerment that comes with Knowing Yourself, then Kerry can help you.

You will gain deep insights into your life. I will be honoured to guide you on your amazing journey. Now that is pure joy.

Love and Blessings,

Awakening Zone Radio, The Sandie Sedgbeer Show April 3, 2014
How to know when Spirit is talking to you . . . Plus LIVE personal readings


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Pain Relief

“I called Kerry with severe abdominal pain. During the reading I discovered it was due to emotional and mental pain and anguish. By the end I was feeling so much better. I haven’t felt any pain since we talked. Thank you from all parts of me!”


Christine, Penticton, BC, Canada

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