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Animal Guides, Totems and Medicine

Animals (including your pets) are on the earth to assist humanity and impart their wisdom.

Animal medicine means that a particular animal brings something into your life that you require at the time. It is called medicine because the encounter or energy of the animal can help strengthen, heal, empower, restore, support or renew you at any level of your being – emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual – depending on where it is required the most.

The animal’s traits, characteristics, behaviours, habitat and symbolic meaning aid you and guides you step-by-step in your healing process. Animals will teach you if you allow them to and it’s as simple as calling upon their energy and essence and they are instantly at your service – just as your spirit guides in the unseen realm are also instantly at your service when you call upon them.

Animal totems can be seen as channels or frequencies similar to a radio depending on the need of the individual. Animal totems are your guides and come and go throughout your life as needed – even if you are unaware of their assistance. They offer you their traits, qualities and characteristics to use in your life to help you grow and move forward in the ways most helpful for you at a particular time. For example, if you need to slow down in your life, you can call upon turtle medicine to help (for turtles move very slowly). But turtles also have a protective shell, so if you are in need of some safety and security, you could also call on a turtle medicine to protect you.

If you need to get creative and busy constructing and building something new in your life, you could call upon beaver medicine. To help you see something from a new angle or a higher perspective you could call upon an eagle guide to assist.

Animals have hidden qualities and forces in nature that you can access if you can attune with them and ask for their assistance, or ask for their vibration and essence to be with you.

The animals exemplify qualities that you can learn from – qualities you need or are lacking in your daily life at that particular time.

Using the animals as spiritual tools along your individual journey (to guide you on your path of selfdiscovery) is a great asset in helping you through challenging periods of your life and assisting you with aligning with your soul’s purpose.

When a certain animal crosses your path, be it through an actual encounter, dream or just an image of an animal that catches your attention repetitively, than you can consider this animal a guide with a message for you.

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Kerry explains her unique reading style. (Length – 1:49 min.)

Each one of us is born with gifts that our soul longs to share with humanity. Do you know what yours are?

I have a special gift; I step into your  shoes and experience your thoughts and feelings just the way you do and everything about you – to the core of your soul.

As a teacher, healer and mentor, it gives me the greatest joy to help you to find your place in the world. Teaching you how to get to that private space that is solely yours to experience – so that you may cultivate a lifetime of happiness.

You can:

  • Attend a talk. As a speaker, I connect with the group’s energy and tailor the teaching to the needs of the group.

  • Attend a workshop. As a facilitator, I guide you from your unique perspective and higher-self.

  • Book a private session or mentoring program. Let me step into your shoes and experience your reality (or anyone you ask about).

You Will Experience First Hand:

  • Confirmation without a doubt exactly what the “real” underlying                      causes for the disruptions in your life are (they may not be what you                  think!).
  • Once and for all why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life.
  • How to get up close and personal with your relationships – with                       yourself, others (alive or passed over), pets, habits, behaviours – and how to heal the unhealthy ones.
  • How to see the deepest levels of your soul and subconscious where the programs are running, and allow me to redirect and balance the energy to a healthier expression.
  • Connection to your soul where you can give me permission to clear out blocked energy that is holding you back from having the life and relationships you truly desire. This includes the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself and your ability to achieve self-love.
  • How the work we do together produces profound and enduring                 changes as layers continue to peel back revealing more incredible                    insights about yourself and the world around you.               

Nothing is held back as root causes are yanked to the surface for you to witness and heal. If you are willing to delve into and discover the depths of your innermost divinity; learn how to become self-directed; know and express your truth in the world; live your best life and experience the empowerment that comes with Knowing Yourself, then Kerry can help you.

You will gain deep insights into your life. I will be honoured to guide you on your amazing journey. Now that is pure joy.

Love and Blessings,

Awakening Zone Radio, The Sandie Sedgbeer Show April 3, 2014
How to know when Spirit is talking to you . . . Plus LIVE personal readings


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Feedback From Clients

Moved Through Fear, Doubt and Confusion

Kerry always brings clarity , compassion and concrete advice to every reading. I have been able to move through fears, doubt, confusion and heal deep wounds through work with Kerry and have developed a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and everyone in my life.  Kerry’s amazing gift has become a compass for my life for which I am eternally grateful.

Jodi, Beijing, China

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