Ex-Wife Woes

A friend was recently complaining about his new girlfriend’s ex-husband and how he was creating challenges within his life and his relationship with his girlfriend and her two children.

I told him the story of my ex-wife woes. Back when I was married I had two young step-children and an ex-wife. With her having a very high need for control it was creating a lot of challenges, conflicts, frustrations, darkness, anger, resentment and negativity within me.

These were the emotions triggered within me because of the person. I do not hold her or anyone accountable for how I feel, nor will I ever give my power away by saying such things as “you make me angry”. But these are things I learned later.

I had read in books that our thoughts are things (matter) and are transmitted through the ethers and directly into another person energy field. I later knew this to be true as I experienced and felt it first hand while working with other during hands-on healing sessions and later during intuitive readings sessions.

But back then when I was sending dark thoughts to the ex-wife, it was only a concept and not something I tangibly experience like I do now. Now I know the power of my thoughts, my words and my actions and have developed phenomenal skills in dealing with negativity and all emotions in general.

But on a fateful day about 22 years ago I had a eureka moment, a true epiphany about what I was doing with my thoughts in regards to my ex-wife. I loved my step-children dearly and realized that by sending darkness to her, I was not helping my step-children.

Darkness begets more darkness and more negativity. I was appalled at myself and my behaviour. I changed in that moment. I did not try and get rid of my anger towards her but rather I transmuted it and used the wonderful powerful and noble energy of anger to create something new.

I sent my ex-wife some flowers anonymously. I began to pray for her every day and asked for Her God to bless her and bring her as much Light as she was willing to absorb.
At the time I felt I was doing it for my step-children so that she would be a better mother to them (not that she was a bad mother but perhaps a less negative mother because I was sending so much negativity her way).

Well the results were astounding! The next time we went to pick the kids up she actually hugged me and told me how grateful she was that she was sending her kids off with me as their weekend care-giver. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

The relationship continued to shift and change for the better from that day forward and I kept on praying for her and it healed my heart of the anger and resentment of its own accord.

After recounting this tale to my friend with the ex-husband problems, he too adopted a similar strategy of random acts of kindness and gestures and the ex-husband did an immediate and tangible 360 degree turn in his behaviour.

The power is within you to change your external circumstances by changing your inner one. Take the power to heal your own heart and watch with amazement how things around you change.

This is a powerful lesson I implement to this day and it never ceases to amaze me what the power of my own thinking, words and actions can have upon me, others and the world around me.

May many blessings rain down on you all!


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“Thank you Kerry for connecting to my beloved son who was 9 when he passed away. I felt his light upon me as you became his energy and you spoke about him. It was so beautiful, you can’t begin to explain it to someone else except for you as you shared this with us through the Teleseminar!”

D.J., Kelowna, BC, Canada

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