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Facing Fear

Most people do not like the emotion fear. Yet it is as noble and worthy as any emotion and plays a pivotal and important role in your life. All emotions are messengers from our deepest selves.Besides the obvious – fear is the sense that alerts you to danger and allows you to survive when threatened – fear offers to you the gifts of being focussed, clear and intuitive. It can give you the vigor and readiness to take action when needed.Fear, like most emotions is misunderstood. All emotions are simply chemicals being released into your bloodstream, which your brain then interprets as a feeling.All emotions are Energy in Motion (E-Motion) and are meant to flow like water. Without this flow, you will quite literally stagnate and become sluggish and unclear in your actions.When the flow becomes blocked, then your waters freeze and become ice, blocking your movement forward – this is when you will experience fear (frozen emotion).

If you are suffering from unmoving worries, anxieties, decreased focus and clarity, then you have the signs of obstruction or blockage of your natural flow (you are stuck in fear).

How then do you become unblocked or shift your fear? For you cannot get rid of fear, or any of your emotions, because they are just vibrations held in the cells of your body. However, just as water can change, shift and transmute its form, so too can your emotions.

Becoming aware of your emotions, in the moment that you feel them, and identifying (naming the emotion) is the first step. Becoming familiar with how you react to any given emotion (your programming) is the second. For you cannot change the hard drive of your computer, without first knowing the programming.

You will be conditioned to react to every emotion you feel. Learning to respond is the ultimate goal when leaning to navigate and surf the waters of your emotions. And just like waves in the ocean, you will experience the highs, the lows and the troughs in between. Eventually you’d like to have your emotional flow like the ripples of a calm pond, but that comes with practice.

The homework and practice is simple. You will be triggered into different emotional states throughout your day – just expect it. When you feel an emotion, identify it and recognize what your natural inclination is towards it.

For example, when you feel fear, do you immediately pull away from it, stuff it back down, push it away, distract yourself from feeling it or speak insulting words to yourself such as: “I do not like this feeling – go away”. Perhaps you seize up and become frozen when facing fear – stopping all action or movement forward.

It does not matter what your programming is, only that you become aware of it. So be mindful of your self-judgements about what you discover on this emotional journey. Learn to become sacred witness to your own inner reality and how your thoughts and thinking chat inside your head and especially how your thoughts react to different feelings. For you will have a programmed reaction to every emotion.

If you can watch the tennis match of inner dialogue going on between your feelings and your thoughts, then you will very quickly get to know yourself and your reactions. This is when true change can be made and true transmutation of the emotions occurs.

When fear shows up, ask it “What action needs to be taken”. Let it answer. And, just as water can be turned into steam or ice, so too can you change your fear into an action oriented, motivated, noble, worthy character within you. Welcome and thank your fear for showing up. See fear as an opportunity to take action and to transform your life in beautiful ways.

Kerry offers a valuable booklet and mp3 teaching on Releasing Emotional Blockages on her website to aid you on your healing journey.

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