Learn To Communicate With Your Angels & Spirit Guides
(3 Hrs)


Can I really communicate with my angels and spirit guides? Can they help me? Can I ask questions and get answers? Can I be taught how to see, sense, hear, feel and experience their presence?

The answer to these questions is a resounding…YES!

Everyone is receiving Divine guidance 24/7. In this fascinating workshop, Kerry will show you how to draw your angels and spirit guides closer to you, and how you can attune to, access and open the communication channels between yourself and these divine, heavenly beings. It will bring your Angels and Guides the utmost joy to be able to communicate with you more clearly!

Kerry will use her unique ability to step into your energy field, and will guide you from this vantage point, to discover and understand your own personal way of receiving messages from the heavenly realms. As she helps each participant in turn, you will be able to listen to everyone’s experiences as they encounter their own angels and spirit guides.

This workshop includes a guided journey to meet one of your wise advisers. To conclude, Kerry will channel one of each of the participant’s angels or spirit guides and bring forward the messages that are important for you to hear at this time.



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