Angels and Spirit Guides Communication Workshop

Cost: $50.00


Your angels and spirit guides surround you all through the day and all through the night. You are assigned a guardian at birth that stays with you for this entire life time to help you achieve some of your soul’s purposes. Other angels and guides come and go throughout your life helping you with various aspects of your growth, career, health, relationships and endeavours you are undertaking.

What most people do not understand is that because this is a planet of free will, you must ask for their assistance before they can actually help you. They will stand around you for your entire lifetime and yet will not (cannot) assist you unless you ask for help. And there is a certain way to ask for help that will allow them to assist you in swifter and more effortless ways than most people are aware of.

You are transmitting (with your thoughts, feelings and intentions) information to your guides 24 hours a day, albeit almost entirely unconsciously. Do you know what you are sending? Becoming aware of what you are sending, what your core beliefs are and what your truths are (for you have many) is another step in the communication process. Learning to consciously co-create your reality is something your guides love to help you with.

Learning to finesses, word and ask questions in the most appropriate manner is required in order to have better communication with your guides and allows them to assist you in manifesting what you truly desire.

When you ask a question, a streamer of molecular data is quite literally released into the Universe. This streamer of molecular light intersects with the answer in the hologram of the Universe and the signal bounces right back (immediately) with the answer. Ask your question in a slightly different way and you’ll get a different answer. This is why it is so important to learn how to word your questions to know that the answers will be immediately answered.

But if you do not know how they communicate with you then you will miss the answers. And if you cannot recognize and interpret the answers, then you will continue to feel as if your questions are going unanswered. They are not. Every single question your think or ask out loud is answered. It is a Universal law and principle that applies on the planet and in the Universe. Its just that most people are unaware of the myriad of ways in which angels and spirit guides do communicate with them and with all beings on the earth realm.

Angles and spirit guides do not generally flutter into the room with a verbal communication or a book for you to read. But they most certainly do answer all your questions and these various ways will be discussed in class. And Kerry will help every participant begin to recognize how their angels and guides communicate specifically with them – for each person receives and perceives their answers in different ways by their guides.

The guidance, direction, wisdom, insight, validation and wisdom the guides and angels offer is endlessly available to you and surrounds you all day and in ways you would not have thought possible. Its just that no one has yet taught you the unique, creative and clever ways the angels and spirit guides bring forth the answers.

This class will show you the remarkable and abundant ways your angels and guides are with you at all times. Always, benevolently, compassionately and lovingly supporting you and encouraging you on your earth walk, your soul’s journey and towards your soul’s purpose.

Also covered in this class are the following:

·    History of angels and spirit guides
·    See photographs of angels, guides, orbs and ghosts caught on camera
·    How to hear, see and sense your angels and spirit guides
·    Guidelines for communicating with your angels and spirit guides
·    Recognizing divine guidance in your everyday life
·    Discussion on orbs and ghosts
·    Divisions and classifications of angels
·    How to call upon your guides and how they communicate with you
·    Which angels and guides to call upon for specific tasks or help
·   Why there are more angelic encounters and interest in spirit guides these days
·    Be led on a guided journey to meet one of your spirit guides
·    Receive advice, guidance, direction or clarification on a personal issue or concern from one of your Spirit Guides

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