How to Connect with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

It is much easier to communicate with your angels and spirit guides than you might think!

Everyone has a ‘Team’ – a group of loving beings, including angels and spirit guides, who watch over them. What is even more exciting is that they are able to assist you in all areas of your life – you simply need to call them in! Therein lies the secret – they are bound by the Universal Law of free will, and are only allowed to help you if you ask them.

If you do choose to ask them though, the sky is the limit as to how they can assist you! And it will bring them the greatest pleasure to do so.

This is a very powerful workshop, designed to help you understand how to ask your Team for help, (yes, there really is a ‘right’ way to ask!) and also to understand how it is that you receive their guidance….since everyone receives in their own unique way. Kerry will also help you to identify ways that you may be blocking angelic assistance.

Kerry will provide you with clearly outlined action steps, so that you can begin to experience closer relationships with your powerful, divine helpers.

When you are connected to your Team of heavenly beings, they can assist you in healing your body and your life!

Imagine that!

Length: 1.5 hours


What People are saying about Angels and Spirit Guides Workshop

“This is an excellent seminar. Very tangible info. I think that the teachings in this seminar about how we receive information thru symbols, animals and thoughts popping into our heads etc. are probably the key teachings that allowed me to step into my own intuitive power. Especially love the analogy about the moon reflecting light, and how this relates to how we are the receptors or receivers of our angels light! Also when you explain that everyone I know is a friend from the other side, it makes forgiveness so much more tangible. Thank you.”
G. Simmons, Seattle, USA

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