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Kerry Palframan has developed her unique approach for helping others by synthesizing the best of many different modalities. As a gifted visionary, Kerry’s caring and concern for humanity, combined with her keen insight and intellectual abilities, leads to a profound understanding of the unconscious and superconscious.

Kerry Palframan is a registered nurse by profession and specialized in neurosurgical intensive care nursing. She now follows her true calling as a multi-dimensional teacher, spiritual speaker, author, intuitive life guide and energy healer.

After having her pituitary gland completely removed as a teenager, Kerry had to learn how to consciously create energy and work at the molecular level of her own body. In essence, she had to literally think her way through reality and do the job of her missing pituitary gland.

The results of Kerry’s 36 year odyssey into the quantum level of reality gave her the tools and skills required, not only to stay alive, but also allowed her to expand into areas that she can use for the good of others.

Kerry’s profound and deep esoteric knowledge was taught to her solely through her journey into the quantum level of reality. This quantum level mirrors the Universe, giving Kerry a unique perspective of both “above” and “below”.

Kerry is like a doctor and a scientist for others, where energy is concerned. She has also been her own case study. This has given her a body of experience that has provided her with conclusive evidence of certain patterns of behaviour and experience that humans go through. In this way, Kerry is able draw conclusions in a concrete, rational and scientific way.

The true phenomenon of Kerry is that she not only lives without a pituitary gland, but has learned to thrive and to redistribute her energy in ways that demonstrates to other human beings, in actual form, the endless possibilities of the human potential.

Kerry’s Story – ­A Personal Account

My health began to decline when I was only eight years old and continued a slow descent until 1979 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of eighteen. At the time, I was quite content with the diagnosis and the possibility of an early death because my father had just passed away after a lengthy illness and I did not want to live without my father.

I had surgery and the tumor was removed, but because it had invaded the pituitary gland and the area of the brain where it “sits,” my entire pituitary gland had to be removed. Little did I understand the enormity of this little gland’s function at the time, and I was put on a lifetime regime of hormonal replacement medications. In point of fact, my life changed completely with the removal of this “master” gland, and although my energy levels improved somewhat, I was soon to start on a spiral of descent that would consume my every waking and sleeping moment.

Despite the advice of physicians, I pursued a career in nursing. My health continued to deteriorate through my twenties and eventually I was confronted with the undeniable fact that I was unable to continue working. I had to go on long-term disability and confront the reality of my health problems.

The extent of my illness was such that conventional medicine was unable to give me a diagnosis. My main concern was a condition of unprecedented muscle and fat wasting that left my arms hanging useless at my sides and my legs wobbly. There were also growing problems with my bowel, liver, pancreas, kidney, lungs and heart…. In essence, my body was gradually shutting down because all of my other endocrine glands were rendered inactive by the removal of my pituitary. On top of all these major problems, I was to discover I had chronic fatigue, candida, environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities and fibromyalgia.

Being very conventionally minded at the time, I sought out experts in Canada to help diagnose my illness. Mostly too ill to even watch TV or read, I simply lay on the couch waiting to die. I was not quite thirty years old and firmly believed I would soon be gone. (I can smile and shake my head today at how strongly this belief was affecting me – my mind was literally conspiring with my body to serve that conviction and hasten my demise.)

The conventional doctors were most interested in diagnosing my extensive muscle wasting problem and focussed their energies on my muscles exclusively. In desperation, I went to the Mayo Clinic in the USA. There, they repeated all the same tests I had already been subjected to, but at least they had a diagnosis. They informed me that my “illness” was all in my head and that I needed to see a psychiatrist.

I came back home in shock and totally despondent. It was then however, at my lowest point, that I began having dreams that quite literally saved my life. I had always been a vivid dreamer, but I did not know what the dreams meant and made little effort to understand them. But these new dreams were different. They quite literally portrayed me sitting in front of a practitioner and being given health advice – advice I had never heard before, such as trying naturopathic medicines, colour light therapy, lymphatic drainage  and acupuncture. Later I was to receive the actual names of remedies, food supplements and specific trigger points to assist with my healing. Remarkably, I found myself beginning a voyage into dream time that not only saved my life, but continues to lead me towards happiness and fulfillment.

Within days of my first dream, a new acquaintance of mine told me of a naturopathic doctor nearby that she had seen. I sat up and listened. Prior to these dreams I had never even heard of natural medicine, but since my dreams had just made reference to naturopathy, I decided to check it out.

After so much poking and prodding by conventional medicine, I was skeptical of this “hocus-pocus,” foreign type of medicine of which I knew nothing. My convictions and suspicions were heightened when the practitioner declared, within minutes, that my inability to move my arms or walk with any coordination was linked to infected wisdom teeth. Imagine my exasperation at hearing such a diagnosis. But because I was dying and totally desperate, I decided to see a dental surgeon, who indeed pronounced that all my wisdom teeth were infected. With nothing to lose, I decided to have them extracted.

I awoke from the surgery and could immediately raise my arms, albeit weakly, as I had lost almost all my muscle mass. I experienced a sense of euphoria for four full days after the surgery. If such miracles were made possible through listening to my dreams, could I then set an even bigger dream goal? Several years earlier in the ’80s, an enthusiastic chiropractic student I knew had planted a thought in my head. He suggested I grow back my lost pituitary gland by connecting to my etheric blueprint. I had never heard of an etheric blueprint and I thought him crazy at the time. But the seed had been planted, and that idea of regeneration had never left my mind.

It became a dream to me to regrow my pituitary gland, get off all my medications and have a vital living body again –­­ something I had only experienced as a small child. A huge goal perhaps, but one I was willing to pursue. I had just discovered that my dreams were offering me messages and solid advice. I had nothing to lose by trying.

I began spending three to five hours a day studying my dreams and slowly but surely, I was guided in the right direction and my health began to improve. I became engrossed in spiritual studies and devoted all my time and energy to healing my body, emotions, mind and spirit. Every single dream I had contained vital information about my perceptions in life and how they affected my health and well-being.

My dreams led me to study nutrition, several forms of alternative medicine, energy work, metaphysical subjects, hands-on-healing and anything related to holistic, esoteric or alternative interventions. My focus was mainly on the physical at first, but my dreams led me to explore the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of myself in great depth. So much so that I learned to focus in at the molecular level of my own being.

The very cells of my body were not capable of performing normally as I had no master gland to tell them how to function. I had to take over this job consciously. My cells (the mitochondria) did not even make any ATP (energy). As a result, I had to spend hours in deep concentration every day just to make the energy needed to stay conscious and alive. This is something the cells would normally do on their own, but because of my condition, mine did not.

I have spent 36 years learning and then mastering the art of creating energy by pulling it in through my chakra system. The body’s seven main energy centres, called chakras in the East, are like nodes of the etheric blueprint, and each is located in close proximity to a major endocrine gland. Transmuting chakra energy is a lot of hard work and it was a full-time job for me to learn.

Despite this lengthy apprenticeship, I continued to open to my dream guides and guardians, and I began to formulate methods for teaching others how to fulfill their goals, first via dream study and then through other modalities and subjects I was put in touch with. I discovered that any goal, from finding a lost piece of jewelry to opening the doors to one’s ultimate destiny, is quite possible to achieve with dream work or any other avenue that allows you to know yourself intimately.

As I taught others, I realized we are all given the opportunity to know our “true self” or our “soul self” through many different avenues, including dream work, energy work or hands-on healing, chakra work, knowledge of the dynamics of the human energy field, meditation and so much more. Every person has their own unique pathway to God (Source, All That Is, Great Spirit … whatever name you ascribe to that which is beyond physical reality), and each path is equally valid and worthy.

The best outcome of all my dedicated years of striving for self-knowledge has been the achievement of some of the original health goals I had set. Although it has taken twenty challenging years, I currently have some pituitary networking and energetic functioning occurring and am now making some of my own hormones, energy (ATP) and neurotransmitters. I have been very blessed with many new gifts and talents, and I am now only too happy to help others in their quest for healing, knowledge and expansion of self.

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