About Kerry

I have worn many hats in this life and have had many purposes, which ebb and flow, twist and turn, as is the want of the great wheel of life.

My greatest gift (that which I was born with) has been my freakish sensitivity at the (quantum) level of sound and light. This is not easily described, nor understood, and has taken me a lifetime to appreciate and not fight. This gift has privileged me with a peek of what lies beyond the wall of our reality.

My talents are those things which I have ascribed great work to learn and master. These are my passions and loves which have compelled me since childhood. They include all things about the mysteries of life and the unseen. Driven by these childhood desires to know the unknowable has sent me on a  crazy quest to Know Myself.

Indeed, this type of quest is not for the faint of heart, I have driven myself to the brink and back as I delved deeper into myself and my furious passions. Writing, speaking (engagements), caring for others, teaching, healing…all have been my life loves. As for the “doing” parts of  my life, I have worn the many hats.

My childhood was full of play, but I began my work career at the age of 8 by delivering newspapers, doing odd jobs and babysitting. From there, I became an office girl, multitasking my way through admin work until I became a registered nurse; specializing in neurosurgical intensive care and then trauma ICU nursing, until that career came to an abrupt end.

Onwards and upward goes the spiral of life, and I too changed and began the self-employment years of my life. Beginning with a small biz in the alternative health field, that morphed into doing hands-on healing, dream interpretation and eventually teaching metaphysical approaches to healing for continuing education departments at colleges, university and school boards.

Teaching from home was also part of these years and this grew into quite the biz, as did speaking engagements and writing. These loves filled  decades of my life, resulting in one published book (Spirit Talk) and many others sitting idle on the computer.

Next came the philosopher and scribe years, resulting in my memoirs (Wisdom Through Folly). Now I find myself in the witness years of my life and I will continue to hold space for the collective as it unravels its mysteries and my own journey unfolds.

These are just some of the roles I have played in the career department of my life. But like you and every human, these are the things I have “done, did or do”, and not who I am. My be-ingness is who I am and that, like the great wheel of life, is in constant flux and morphs daily depending on the tides. 

I hope the wisdom I have gained over the years is able to assist you on your journey in some way. What way that may be will be dependent on you and your unique path in this life. But I trust you have been led here for a reason. The treasure hunt begins…

Many blessings to all who dare to know themselves.


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