Discover A Past Lives and Reincarnation

Cost: $80.00


A truly fascinating journey into the depths of Who-You-Are awaits you when you begin to delve into your other lifetimes!

Karma and the law of cause and effect is the driving force for the great Cosmic Wheel of Life. And when you find out what patterns you have created in other lifetimes, it can throw some clarity and understanding on why you are experiencing what you are, this time around. You can even begin to see the beauty in your present life patterns, and how everything that happens to you is truly a gift to help you learn and heal.

In this very powerful workshop, Kerry explains how you are the sum total of all your lives, past, present and future, and reveals how, in fact, all of your lives are occurring in the one glorious moment of right NOW! Also, how linear time, experienced here on Earth, is simply a grand creation to help you to understand the law of cause and effect.

Kerry clearly explains these concepts, and how every past life pattern you discover is an opportunity for you to experience major healing and transformational shifts in your life. So be prepared for the release of the old in your life as you make way for the new!

On a personal level, Kerry shares some of her own past lives and outlines the many ways in which you may experience past life recall. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to get into a hypnotic state to recall the information! Clues actually come at you on a daily basis, throughout your waking time, and help to reawaken the memories of past lives.

This workshop also gets deep into soul level understanding. soul families, soul groups and the vastness and endless depths of Who-You-Are are revealed in this eye opening and stunning look at the bigger picture of your life.

You will be guided on a meditation journey to experience a past life and Kerry will help you understand the link between that life and your current life!

Be prepared for several ‘A-ha’ moments, which will come in abundance when you start looking at the bigger picture of YOU!

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