Successful Secrets On Meditation Workshop

Cost: $50.00


This meditation workshop is different!

Every master that has walked this earth has said that meditation is the key to enlightenment and finding your peace and your answers within. This is true, but Kerry also knows that trying to achieve peace of mind instantly is a tough place to begin a meditation practice.

What the great masters knew was that if you could but sit in a place of peace every day for 30 minutes, the cells of your body would literally turn over (replicate, heal and grow) in this environment. Think about what sort of environment your body is exposed to during the day. Is it hectic, chaotic, negative, fearful or anxious? If so, then that is the proverbial soup that your cells are being constantly recreating in.

Kerry will help you learn how to switch channels from whatever your current vibration is, to a new station or frequency. Every time you change your frequency your cells will quite literally and instantly begin to vibrate to that new dance. In this way you can heal, change, grow and constantly re-create yourself anew.

It really can be that simple and this workshop will give you a myriad of various techniques and methodologies to choose from so that you can use what works best for you in creating a devotional time that is fun and something to look forward to every day.

Meditation does not have to be arduous or a chore. Meditation is meant to be about finding that safe, secure and sacred haven within yourself and Kerry will show you how to achieve this in this workshop.

If you think you don’t have the time to meditate on a daily basis because your life is too busy, Kerry guarantees that creating a daily devotional practice will actually free up your time and give you more energy to achieve your goals. Think of meditation like defragging your computer – so that if functions more effectively and with greater speed!



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