Intuitive Hands-On Healing Workshop Intensive

Kerry Palframan offers a unique opportunity to expand (or begin) your healing skills as you learn estoteric and mystery school methods for intuitive healing. Open to your 6th and 7th senses as Kerry helps you understand how to recognize and use your own unique healing talents and skills.

Every person has the ability to do healing work. Kerry helps you tap into, and grow into, your own unique way. Lots of creative and innovative ideas that are outside the norm in traditional hands-on healing workshops.

Learn how to gather hold space, energy, ground, trust your senses and learn how to communicate with your greater self and spirit guides. Novice and experts welcome. 65 page manual included.

This workshop is 10 hours in length and is usually held over one weekend.

Only 8 participants minimum will be accepted for this class to insure exclusivity for you and greater attention for your personal growth. Kerry’s intent is to assist you in learning to become self directed; to know and recognize Your Own Truth and give you the tools you need to negotiate the waters of your own life.

Cost: 475.00

Early Bird Special:
$399.00 if paid in full one week prior to workshop

Time Payment Plan: $525.00 (3 payments of $175.00 each over 3 months)


Cost: $1795.00 per person

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