Intuitive and Psychic Development Intensive Workshop

Your intuition is an innate part of the human being design. Every person has an intuitive centre, also referred to as the 3rd eye, 6thchakra or indigo centre.

The function of your indigo chakra is to receive information from the crown chakra (located on the  top of your head) where information from you higher self, soul, guides and Your God constantly stream subtle light and energy which you then interpret as thoughts.

These higher thoughts and ideas are received from the purple crown chakra to take form as image. Your 3rd eye also receives information from the lower chakras and will also form images. When this indigo intuitive chakra receives information it now gives you something to work with to use towards the manifestation of your desires.

Unfortunately most people are still operating unconsciously or on auto-pilot. Kerry explains how you can open your indigo chakra function and begin to consciously (with awareness) co-create your reality and bring your dreams into manifestation (reality).

Whatever you imagine can become your reality, but you cannot think your way through reality. You must learn how to take that intuitive information you receive and use it to create in the physical world.  Understanding how your intuition works and flows as part of the ecosystem of Who You Are is an important and pivotal factor in negotiating the waters of your life.

There are many techniques and ways to assist in opening your 3rdeye and it is Kerry’s intent to help each participant in her workshops to discover what their unique ways are of receiving intuitive and psychic messages and to strengthen and trust their innate abilities.

What you see with you inner eye (3rd eye) is as real as what you see with your physical eyes. Both your inner and physical eyes respond to energy, movement and thought. Both eyes are manifestations of the indigo chakra.

Imagery, creative imagination and visualization are the natural and inherent functions of the 3rd eye. The more you open this chakra the more you can “see” what is going on around you and within you. This is where vision takes the form of clairvoyance. The more you acknowledge the images, the more you will strengthen your indigo (intuitive) self.

As things continue to shift and change rapidly on the earth plane, it will continue to create chaos on the planet. It will also push previously hidden issues of yours to the surface for you to “see”.  At this time of great transition on the planet (and within yourself) it is impossible to not see what you have created thus far in your life.

Most people do not wish to know or “see” what is going on around them or within them. Most people are trying to ignore the turmoil and chaos. By refusing to “see”, you cannot heal and the cycle will perpetuate and worsen.

This culture has taught you to ignore your senses, feelings, intuition and visions. Many are afraid of the overwhelming information they are receiving and do not have the skills or tools necessary to move through the rough waters of their life at this time.

One must be prepared to see what is really going on and be willing to take responsibility for what they “see”.  Kerry can teach you the tools and skills to help you move through these challenging times. And she can help you understand the function of your intuitive indigo chakra so that you can empower and enrich yourself and reach your enlightenment in more effortless, beneficial and positive ways.

In this intensive 10 week course you will learn:

• How you receive your intuitive messages
• How to trust your intuition
• How to distinguish between your intellect vs. intuitive thoughts
• What is your imagination vs. true intuitive messages
• Clairvoyance and how to see auras
• Clairsentience and how to feel and sense aura’s and chakras,
• How to attune to subtle vibrations and distinguish different feelings
• Clairaudience and how to hear your intuition; higher self; guides; angels and helpers in the unseen realms
• Automatic writing: Messages from your higher self, guides and the spirit world
• Pendulum; brass rods and muscle testing
• Interpreting visions; dreams; signs; symbols and daytime messages from spirit
• Guided meditation journeys and how to translate their messages and meanings
• Animal totems, guides and animal medicine. Find out who your personal power animal is and how to work with it
• Chakras and subtle bodies and understanding the information and data each layer contains
• The art of grounding as a tool to open the doors to the psychic world
• Translating pictures, art and other drawing games as powerful messages from your intuition and higher self
• Tarot cards, runes and other tools for divination
• Scrying with crystal balls and mirrors
• Crystals and how they affect your energy and intuition
• Psychometry: the art of picking up information off of jewellery and pictures
• Remote Viewing
• Mystery School Teachings
• Mediumship and Channelling
• Much more

Because everyone connects to their intuition, spirit and soul a little bit differently, it is Kerry’s intent to help those attending this workshop, to discover what their own unique ways are of receiving their intuitive messages and to help each participant to strengthen their skills as they learn to connect to their higher self and guides.

A large component of this workshop is devoted to helping you learn to trust your intuition through much in-class practice and feedback. You will also learn to discern the difference between what your rational thinking sounds like and what your intuitive thoughts sounds like.

As your own unique intuitive skills are revealed, Kerry will assign you specific homework assignments to strengthen and honour your abilities.

Kerry will also share knowledge about how to begin doing intuitive readings for yourself and others.

Compete with 125 page manual and weekly assignments.

Only 6 participants will be accepted for this class to insureexclusivity for you and greater attention for your personal growth. Kerry’s intent is to assist you in learning to become self directed; to know and recognize Your Own Truth and give you the tools you need to negotiate the waters of your own life.

Cost: $965.00

Early Bird Special:
$875.00 if registered one week prior to workshop

Time Payment Plan Price: $999.00 (3 installments of $333.00 per month for 3 months)

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